Open a beer bottle with a sheet of paper

By Paul Michael on 2 April 2007 9 comments

Beer bottle

A friend sent me this link, knowing full well I'll never, ever need it (I carry a bottle opener on my keyring in case of such emergencies). But, for those of you not always equipped with beer tools, this is a cheap, simple solution.

It is also worth noting that it's a much safer solution than a: Using your teeth and chipping off the enamel, or b: Slamming your beer on the side of a table and either breaking the table, your bottle or several bones in your hand.

So here we have it. In just 2 minutes you'll forever know a way to impress every single one of your alcoholic friends. I've also posted the latest parody currently doing the rounds. Mucho fun.


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Why is the Bounce in the kitchen with the wine? Is the explanation coming up in a handy video about how to uncork a wine bottle with a sheet of Bounce? 'Cause I tell you what - I could have used that knowledge in high school.

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you can also use a lighter the same way

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Wait: how do you fold a lighter six times?

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haha :p you gotta melt it first

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Certain gas caps work well as bottle openers, the ones with two tangs on them.

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Steve in W MA

I usually go medieval on the thing and use a pair of pliers.

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Medieval pliers?

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Great demonstration of the highest use of opposable thumbs.

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You can use part of a seatbelt buckle. The shiny part. The bottle cap fits perfectly in there. Not kidding, you should try it.