Organizers for a Dollar

By Nora Dunn on 7 October 2007 6 comments

Fabulously Broke discovered a great deal that is worth passing along:

Pacific Design is offering Day Tripper Organizers, great for ipod Nanos and cell phones, for a paltry $0.99.

They actually have a nubmer of items on sale for $0.99, at the bottom of the page here, here, and here.

Dig around the site at Pacific Design, and you'll likely find a dollar deal that you like the look of. But hurry - the sale is only on for a few more days!


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... it's just a damn shame they won't ship to Canada :(

I just got an iPod too...

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Just a note that the shipping per item is $8. Now that would still make some of the items a good deal, just not as great as I had hoped.

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I have a personal policy that I do NOT pay more for shipping than the value of the item or is more than what normal shipping would be for the item if I were to mail it to myself. I boycott sites like this. Great find but this site is now on my boycott list.

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I have to agree, $8.00 to ship a pocket organizer makes this a $9.00 organizer.

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It may still be a good deal if the case is of good quality, but it's annoying that they jack up the shipping. I know it's kind of silly on my part, but I'd almost rather the item were $5.99 and shipping their regular cost of $4.00. It just seems wrong to double the shipping price.

Nora Dunn's picture

I also noticed the high cost of shipping, but decided that - maybe for Christmas? - if I wanted to order a bunch as gifts, that the cost of shipping would be at least a teensy bit offset.