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I have a Bachelor's in Journalism from Middle Tennessee State University. I've written for and Who Ate the Big Apple? I sporadically update my personal travel blog, BRB NYC, and check out my Flickr page while you're at it.

My byline has appeared on, a website dedicated to living cheaply in Brooklyn, New York. I lived there for three years, navigating the ends and outs of living frugally while still experiencing all New York has to offer. This meant sleeping in living rooms, never cutting my hair, and keeping up with everything cheap or free. Last year, I lived in New Zealand, where I learned how to successfully travel on a tight budget. I've visited many countries, and search on a daily basis for deals and tips for how to visit many, many more.

I currently live in Chattanooga, Tenn., and work for Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, a non-profit that assists lower income residents with foreclosure prevention, first-time homebuying, and home improvement projects.