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Kelly Medeiros

Former investment banker reformed into budget-conscious mom and homeowner


Kelly has spent years living and working in the finance industry. She holds a MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Michigan and spent eight years as an investment banker at a prestigious Wall-Street firm, working hard, traveling often, and not sleeping much. Deciding to walk away from her New York life and career was a tough decision, but one that has paid off dearly. These days, life is even more rewarding as a mom to two young daughters. She is still not sleeping much though.

Kelly loves writing about finance, and her life experience has provided a wealth of knowledge on how your hard earned cash can work even harder for you in all aspects of life. She especially loves to share ways to save people money through smart budgeting, savvy shopping, locating diamonds in the rough, and trying out creative DIY ideas.

Kelly is also an avid traveler to Brazil, as her husband is originally from the region, and she is finally more or less (mais ou menos) fluent in spoken Portuguese.