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Kentin Waits

Less is more - it's much, much more.

I began my professional life as an online marketer and media guy -- selling baubles and bangles to unwitting customers all over cyberspace. After a few too many strategy meetings and brainstorming sessions, I began writing in earnest. I'm currently shifting my professional energy toward editing, copywriting, proposal writing, and freelance project management work.  

Frugality, simple living, and financial independence have always been part of who I am and a natural extension of the topics I write about. I'm fascinated by America's consumer culture and how the context of an item affects its perceived value. My writing has focused on the benefits of simplicity, the lost art of negotiation, the perils of debt and credit, and the joy of buying used. 

Recent publication credits include,, The Huffington Post, MSN SmartMoney, US Airways Magazine,, and The Consumerist.