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Lauren Lyons Cole is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and writer.

Lauren Lyons Cole, CFP® is a Personal Finance Expert and Certified Financial Planner. She focuses on helping people grow their wealth through earning more, spending smarter and saving for the important things in life. After beginning her career at a boutique wealth management firm, Lyons Cole saw the need for accessible financial planning and developed a practice specializing in personal finance coaching for young adults. Utilizing a holistic approach, she encourages clients to feel good about their finances and to use thoughtful planning to achieve their dreams.

Lyons Cole is also the Financial Planner in Residence at LearnVest, an independent personal finance website for women. She is a contributor at iVillageCurrency and WiseBread, and has been quoted in the New York TimesWall Street Journal, Marketplace Money, MSN MoneyABC News and the Huffington Post

Lyons Cole studied financial planning at New York University. Although her practice is based in New York City, she is often on the move and is able to work with clients across the country through the beauty of technology. An avid traveler, she uses her discretionary income to explore the world—on a budget, of course. She went bungee jumping in New Zealand, but only because she had a 50% off coupon. Lyons Cole is a Teach for America alum, and still enjoys spending time in the classroom teaching financial literacy with the non-profit Junior Achievement. Recently, she has been learning Spanish in Colombia and is trying very hard to correctly pronounce ahorrar, which means to save. Once she masters that, she’d love to teach financial literacy courses in Spanish as well.

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A note from Lauren:

Traveling makes me happy, but you can’t do it without money. Because I wanted to travel as much as possible, I had to figure out how best to maximize my money. In the process I found out that’s pretty fun too. So I decided to make a career of it—helping people figure out how to afford what makes them happy.

My aim is to educate and empower through demystifying personal finance topics. I encourage people to take responsibility for their finances, to be involved and aware, not to throw high fees at just anyone who claims to be an investment professional. From what I’ve seen, the competent ones are few and far between.

My financial planning philosophy is based on the belief that behind every checkbook and every retirement account is a personal story. Each of us have made mistakes with our finances, but we also have successes and plenty of goals and dreams for the future. That’s what makes financial planning so fulfilling—it’s not just a numbers game. It’s truly about people.

I love what I do. And 7 continents later, I still travel as much as I can.