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Marla Walters

Looks like there is truth in the descriptive phrase, "Scotch blood."

My current job is in HR, Organizational Development.  I have also had some unusual jobs. However, even those unusual jobs offer useful skills. Volunteer work and hobbies have also enriched my life experiences. Brunch for fifty? Sure. Design a PowerPoint? No problem. Give a cat a shot? Okay. My point is that I think it is important to keep your mind open to new opportunities, because you never know when they'll come in handy.

I read a statistic a while ago that said the average person has seven different jobs in their lifetime. I counted mine, and seem to be on track with that. I read about Wise Bread in a magazine, became a huge fan, and eventually decided to apply. I was already frugal (a nice, positive, adjective).

First and foremost, I view myself as a wife and mother. I love all the trappings that go with those roles. To me, family is first, and domesticity is bliss. As you may gather from some of my posts, I gravitate toward areas that incorporate my interests in homekeeping. Lately, I have been particularly drawn to areas where I can learn self-reliance skills, such as gardening, canning, home-brewing, and the like. Fortunately, my husband shares many of these interests, and we have a lot of fun together, learning. He is a really good sport, very supportive, and we have been married for almost thirty years. We made a major move when we relocated to the island of Hawaii. This really fueled our interest in self-reliance, out of true necessity.

I was raised on a small farm where we had some livestock, fruit, and shared a garden with neighbors. It was an idyllic childhood. My parents emphasized having good skills, and always learning new things. Those were good lessons and I am proud of having been steadily employed, aside from college, since age sixteen.They also believed in continuing education, something else I stick to.

What I hope to accomplish with my writing is to help anyone who also might want to learn something new.

I always have "new stuff" in the works, and plan to write about the subjects as I go. There are never enough hours in a day!