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Michael is a freelance writer specializing in business and finance topics.

I had a previous life as a newspaper reporter, covering everything from Town Council meetings, school plays, and house fires. I started at weeklies, then moving on to daily newspapers, including both afternoon and morning dailies. By being frugal, I managed to live on a reporter's salary. I also was an editor for B2B banking publications, where I wrote about the coming housing collapse and approaching mortgage-inspired economic meltdown.

Over the last several years, I've worked as a freelance publicist, ghostwriter, blogger, and copy editor. I've created my own websites and have been working on learning more about Web programming and everything Internet related

Most recently, I've mostly been writing about investing, business, and personal finance. For more information visit, KlingPublications.com

I live in southern Connecticut with my wife and son and daughter, and in my spare time, I enjoy bicycling, reading, and playing soccer with my son in the backyard.