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Paul Michael

An adman with inside knowledge, I'll steer you to wiser choices.

I started my career in London, England in 1996 after graduating from a great university specializing in advertising and design. Those first years in London were tough. One of the most expensive cities in the world, and my salary was just 12,000 pounds per year. I hardly had enough food or money for rent, but I made it. I learned how to save and how to navigate an extravagant city. I thought times as a student were tough, but those first years in London prepared me for a lifelong career as someone who 'lives large on a small budget.' Now I hope to help you do the same.

An Englishman born and bred (raised in a small town called Hartlepool, just off the N.E. coastline) I got my degree in advertising and spent six years in the hustle and bustle of London. Then I met the girl I was going to marry, uprooted everything and moved to Colorado.

As my wife soon discovered, I'm somewhat of a bargain-hunter. I don't like cheap things, I like great value. Why pay $50 for a pair of sneakers when a little digging can get you the same pair for $35? That's my basic outlook and it applies to everything from shaving cream to a new car. And with two beautiful little girls to support, it's an outlook that's serving me very well.

Having a background in advertising has helped enormously in my 2nd career as a frugal shopper. I know a lot of the tricks advertisers use, and I don't just mean TV and magazine ads. I'm talking about supermarket strategies, color theory, bait & switch, how to win arguments, the whole deal. I plan to share everything I know with you. So far, my stories have been picked up by MSNBC, Lifehacker, The Consumerist, Boing Boing, I Am Bored and a host of other sites.

As with many of the other Wisebread bloggers, my sense of humor sneaks into my posts (usually more often than it should). I like to keep things light and easy-to-read when I can. Other bloggers can go way deeper into major financial decisions than I can, but I can promise you this...when you read my posts, you'll usually learn how to save a little time, money or even sanity, and you'll do it with a smile on your face.