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Paul Van Lierop

Paul runs FiscalGeek.

I've been in the professional world of technology for over 15 years with over 8 years of management experience. Thankfully I've ditched that gig, and I'm now back playing with technology, mostly routers, switches, load balancers and firewalls leaving the soft skills to the middle managers. Yeah I know geek. My personal finance experience is just that: personal. My wife and I have been busting through our debt and recently have paid off more than $63,000 in debt not including our mortgage. I've also been able to apply my geek skillz towards more frugal opportunities such as homemade air conditioning, cell phone water damage repair and digital camera repair. Don't ask about the digital camera that's a sore subject.

I was born in a small town called Bothell, Washington... okay not that long.

I am a passionate debt fighter, my wife and I just recently got to yell We're Debt Free! at least with our cars and credit cards and we are moving on to the house. I enjoy the heck out of personal finance. I love gadgets. Yes those should be mutually exclusive but they aren't. Like Two Face I'm constantly battling my own eternal struggle to own the latest GPS enabled, Bluetooth powered, Fisher Space Pen while snowballing our debt to nothing. It's my struggle to bear. Come on along with me as we talk about personal finance from the Geek point of view.

I'm on Twitter all the time you can follow me @FiscalGeek say hi directed to me @fiscalgeek and I'm sure to follow you too.