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Philip Brewer

For twenty-five years a software engineer. Now a full-time writer.

I've got a BA in economics from Earlham College, but from 1981 until 2007 I worked as a software engineer for various companies. My wife and I are both frugal by inclination, and I've always found investing to be interesting, so a lot of my posts are on frugality and investing. I speak Esperanto, and use it in international communication.

I've always been a writer.

I write fiction. I sold my first story in 1979 and I never really quit writing stories, but that work took a backseat to my work as a software engineer all though the 1980s and 1990s. In 2001 I attended Clarion, the science fiction and fantasy writers workshop, to kick my fiction writing up a notch.

At the same time I was trying to put more time into my fiction, I found that my software work was becoming less satisfying. For fifteen years I had been saving and investing with an eye toward someday being able to write full-time. I had actually gotten within striking distance of being able to make that move when my employer forced my hand: they closed the site where I'd been working.

There were rumors of site closing well before the announcement was made, and I'd already done the calculations of my financial status. I was still a good bit short of where I'd wanted to be before taking the leap, but the site closing came with a generous severance payment that would go a good ways toward closing the gap. The bottom line was that I couldn't afford to retire, at least not at any standard of living that most people would find desirable. However, I decided, I was close enough that I didn't need to take another regular job. We could eke out a meager existence on our savings and investments, and then augment that with our earnings from our art. (My wife is a textile artist.)

I'm now a full-time writer, but it's not such a big change. I've always been a writer.