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Sarah Winfrey

Sarah is a writer with a Masters in Spiritual Formation & Soul Care.

With a BA in Philosophy, I had to scramble to figure out how to make a living after college. Through that process, I learned a lot about the workplace, finding passions, and how to follow them once you know what they are. I also learned how to save money, though I've been learning about that since I was little through my parents and their frugal ways. I love to travel, I have bad allergies, and I'm learning how to improve my diet for both my health and the planet's, so many of my posts focus on those things. I've written a novel, and am working on my second.

Sarah Winfrey is a busy mother of three, a homeschool parent, and is in training to be certified as a medical chaplain. She has a Masters in Spiritual Formation & Soul Care from the Talbot School of Theology, and blogs on her website