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Sarah Winfrey

I'm a new mother, a writer, a saver, and a sometimes artist.

With a BA in Philosophy, I had to scramble to figure out how to make a living after college. Through that process, I learned a lot about the workplace, finding passions, and how to follow them once you know what they are. I also learned how to save money, though I've been learning about that since I was little through my parents and their frugal ways. I love to travel, I have bad allergies, and I'm learning how to improve my diet for both my health and the planet's, so many of my posts focus on those things. I've written a novel, and am working on my second.

Writing is more than something I do, it's part of who I am. Ever since I could put pen to paper, I've written stories. I never minded writing papers in school, because that was the easy part. Getting words on paper is second nature. I never thought I'd make a living as a writer, though. I tried lots of other things: studying for a graduate degree, working with autistic children, teaching English and History to alternatively-schooled high school students, and doing research for other people, to name a few. Nothing clicked, though. Nothing felt like home. After a long string of potentially exciting things that lost their excitement over time, I took a boring office job just to make ends meet. It only took about 2 weeks before I knew that wasn't where I wanted to be long-term, either. So I took to the web, researching, learning, and growing some more ideas about who I could be and what I could do. It didn't take me long to figure out that my passion for words could take me where I wanted to go. Now, I do all sorts of writing. I'm an SEO writer, a corporate copywriter, a blogger, a writer of literary fiction and space opera, and more. While I don't write full-time, yet, that's where I'm headed.