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Tisha Tolar

Tisha: mom, writer, entrepreneur, dreamer, budgeteer all wrapped up in one.

I didn't set out to be a writer of personal finance issues but there is so much to explore and know that the last three years have been eye-opening. I enjoy finding new ways to structure a budget, save more cash, and especially how to stay on track to be debt free. I am particularly interested in things that matter to every day people who are trying to get past living paycheck to paycheck and create better financial stability for themselves.

Tisha Tolar became a freelance writer and entreprenuer when she needed a plan to care for her daughter who was off to Kindergarten in 2007. She worked in marketing for a brief period but ultimately discovered she could actually  make a living as a writer. Now, she creates thousands of articles and other content for clients around the world. She is the co-owner of Trifecta Strategies, LLC, an online content creation and management company with her two business partners/fellow moms who are also working to help turn the careers of other mothers around with their website Empowering Mom Blog.

Tisha found a niche writing about budgeting and fugality and as a result has become a more budget-conscious, financially savvy person in the process. She enjoys creating new ideas to help people (and her own family) save money and get organized. She is a featured author at other popular websites on the Internet and also creates marketing materials, web content, and e-books for clients dealing with personal finance. Who knew she who is poor at math would excel in personal finance?

While traditionally a non-fiction writer, Tisha delved into the world of fiction in the Summer of 2009 when she released her debut novel, Gen X, which she self-published. She promotes and markets the novel herself af you can find your copy on Amazon.

Outside of work, Tisha has a passion for all-things-entrepreneurial, Kevin Smith movies (even Jersey Girl), reading smart chic books, camping, fishing, and chillin' with her husband and daughter.