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Vincent Scordo

A first generation Italian-American w/ a focus on food and personal finance

 I'm Vince Scordo and I run Our site's goal is simple: The Italian Life for Everyone.   Specifically, Scordo focuses on food, recipes, lifestyle/culture, products, saving money, and how-to advice and tips, all from an Italian-American perspective (click here to read through some of my top articles).  

vinmug2.jpgI'm a first generation Italian-American and the son of immigrant parents from Pellegrina (Bagnara Calabra), Calabria in southern Italy.  My parents taught me how to eat well, save money, manage a home, use my hands, and, yes, live like an Italian (which means living a little bit differently than everyone else)!  Papa and Mamma also taught me about perseverance, craftiness, and compassion.  Here's my view on the Italian-American experience.   

I'm not a trained chef, money manager, or regular on This Old House, rather a regular guy from New Jersey who's been influenced by his southern Italian culture and tradition. 

I've written countless recipes frompesto sauce to arancini, given how-to advice to recent college grads andfirst time homeowners taking onrenovations , reviewed Italian specialty products (like salami) / books / foods, and waxedphilosophically on how to save moneyand live a practical, yet high quality, life!  

On the personal side, I'm a decent tennis player, wine lover, and an amateur cook.  I studied philosophy, linguistics, and psychology and wrote my undergraduate thesis on the mind/body problem and what neuroscience can teach us about mental states and I'm still very interested in the field of cognitive science and how the brain works.  When my thesis advisor mentioned he alsomentored David Foster Wallace and that he was a philosophical genius (yet he turned to a writing career) I thought a career in academic philosophy, while romantic, wouldn't be a smart choice.

I've worked as a research assistant at an Ivy league university, a project manager at an Internet start-up, an interactive media director at an advertising agency, a usability and web marketing manager at a German car company, and as a brand manager at a consumer product testing and advocacy organization.  As a teenager and college student, I worked as a garbage man, janitor, landscaper, travel agent, HTML editor for a climate change think tank, sandwich maker, and as a maintenance man at woman's clothing shop.  My wife tells me I make sense on occasion, but please challenge my assertions and advice with a comment and email. 

Oh, Scordo means both garlic and forgetful and I have both a poor short term memory and a love for garlic (my breath is fine, by the way), so the name must be appropriate!