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By Sarah Winfrey on 21 September 2007 5 comments

So, I'm finishing up at my old job this week and things are crazy. Thus, I offer you some of the best travel tips that just might save you some money.

As the dollar falls, Go Budget Travel offers us the budget travel costs of countries around the world. This Just In offers some European travel desitnations whose currency isn't tied to the Euro. Believe it or not, the dollar isn't necessarily falling against ALL the world's currencies.

Since they also offer an article on affordable lodging in New York City , of all places, the folks at This Just In are officially my favorite cool travelers this week!

The Times Online's list of budget hotels is quite comforting--maybe I'll still be able to go to France even if the dollar keeps falling.

Ozbus , while it costs a lot of money, is a much better deal than you'll get doing a trip like this on your own (I started pricing one out once, but it was so depressing I stopped). Besides, it would be like living in your very own reality show for 2 months! I mean, imagine the catfights you could see when you're traveling with the same people for that long!

These hidden destinations sound like fun, especially the one in Nepal! Of course, now that Yahoo! published them, we should all hurry up and get there before they're not so hidden anymore.

On the other hand, avoid these destinations --the pictures alone are enough to scare me! And if we have to be more choosy about where we spend our money, then hey, the sharks? Just not worth it.

Thanks guys! I hope you all found something there to tickle your travel fancy today.

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Myscha Theriault's picture

Now this is cool. I'm just now starting to sketch out a collaborative travel article with a colleague of mine. How timely.

I'm definitely checking out the cheap places to stay in New York link. I can see why that bumped them up on your list. How cool is that?

Guest's picture

I didn't know Prague was not on the Euro? They have national heathcare too. If there was a way for an expat to get on the European health program I might move....

The list of cheapest places cited $35 a day for Chicago. I really do not want to stay in any hotel that cheap in Chicago - scary!

We have done some really nice vacations on the cheap using Hotwire and Priceline.

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Thanks for the great tips. We are a family that loves to travel. In fact, we just posted 10 Packing Rules when traveling with Kids over on Family Hack. Sorry for the shameless plug.

Bowing in shame,

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thanks for this travel tips and thanks for sharing