helps you save for Valentine's Day - 60% off gift certifcates and a free $15 FTD gift card!

By Xin Lu on 10 February 2009 9 comments

Note:  The following promotion has ended, but there is a new  promotion starting from 2/21/09 to 2/28/09 at  The new coupon code is DINE and gives you 80% off $25 gift certificates and also Dinner of the Month memberships . Enjoy! 

A few months ago I shared a coupon code for that allowed 80% off on their already discounted gift certificates, and that post was quite popular.  
Today I found that is offering a great deal valid from today until February 15th, 2009  that gives 60% off their gift certificates and a $15 gift card for shopping at FTD.  You could easily take care of both dinner and flowers for Valentine's Day with this deal. 

Here is the scoop.  All you have to do is to log onto and purchase a gift certificate, and type in the coupon code TREAT.  You will get 60% off right away on your gift certificate so the $25 gift certifcate is only $4.  You will also receive a $15 FTD gift card in the confirmation email.  This gift card is actually not valid at so do not try to use it there.  You have to click on the FTD® logo on the confirmation page or in the confirmation email and make your purchase at the cobranded site.  The discount is only good for regular priced merchandise and is not good for taxes or shipping.  The FTD discount expires on 3/31/2009.

Since the last promotion I have already used some of my gift certificates with no hassle at all so I know their service is quite legitimate.  If you plan correctly, it is possible you could get a lovely Valentine's Day with dinner and flowers for under $30. 

As usual, you should read the terms and conditions of each gift certificate before purchasing them, and also do not accept any offers from strange popups.  This deal is strictly for the gift certificates, and the FTD $15 discount.


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This is a great deal! My husband and I like to go out to eat quite a bit, but we're trying to save money and cook more. This will be a great way to go out and save money!

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Just wanted to note that 60% off a $25 gift certificate would have a final cost of $10, not $4. This sounds pretty great, though. I'll check out what they've got in my area. Thanks!

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it's 60% off additionally to what you see when you visit the page. I just bought some and they were $4/piece. score!

Just pay attention to the restrictions. Some of them are $10 off a $50 purchase, and only at a certain time of day.

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I just signed up for this. I ordered 3 $10 gift certs for $3.60. Their number of restaurants was a little limited but there was one that I could see myself going to sometime soon. I try not to jump on deals unless I would be going there anyways. I probably wont use the FTD deal as they are pretty expensive compared to the local florist and a goofy grin.

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Just be careful. The fine print indicates that you can only use one gift certificate per visit. So, you cannot use 2 $25 certificates to pay for a $50 meal. This is true even if you and your dining partner get separate checks or even sit at different tables.

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Xin Lu

Yes, different restaurants have different rules.  Some say $25 off $35 only, and some places let you do $25 off $25.  It depends on the restaurant and you have to read each one carefully.

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I took advantage of this paying $4 dollars for a $25 so called gift certificate only to discover after the purchase that it could only be used with a purchase of $50 or more. Now we'll either have to gorge on a ton of food we don't really want, or get a group together. What a hassle. It's a coupon, not a gift certificate.

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Xin Lu

Guest, you can click on each individual offer on and read the terms before you buy it.  Some of the restaurants do require a minimum purchase.  It is a gift certificate because it doesn't expire in states that prevent gift certificates from expiring.

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Michele Desautels

Great deal....people just need to look closely at restrictions.