Save $10 on $10 and Free Shipping At Blockbuster Online

By Linsey Knerl on 4 August 2008 12 comments
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What's better than cheap, pre-owned movies delivered to your door? Free ones. And for a very limited time, you can take your pick of hundreds of movies at Blockbuster for the cost of tax.

Blockbuster online has a large selection of new and pre-owned DVDs for you to purchase. You don't have to be a member to buy, but you do get a nice discount (5-10%) if you are. With Christmas less than 6 months away, I had been meaning to buy a few pre-owned DVDs to put in the kids' stockings, and with the latest in promo codes, I got them at a very nice price (FREE!)

Here's what you do:

  1. Go to Blockbuster online and click on the “Buy” tab.
  2. Pick your choice of DVDs for purchase, and put them in your cart.
  3. Use code “augappreciation” to get $10 off a $10 minimum purchase (before tax and shipping.)
  4. Buy only pre-owned movies, and you get free standard shipping! (Discounts will not show up until you enter your credit card info, but you have a chance to review your order before you confirm it.)

For just the cost of tax, you can snag $10 worth of movies. And while the odds are slim that you'll actually find one for exactly ten bucks, it's still a great deal. I was able to get Evan Almighty ($9.99) and High School Musical Concert ($3.99) for just $4.26. And since I was set on getting these two flicks for a couple of kids, anyway – I'm convinced YOU can do better!

This code is valid until the end of August (or until they pull it.) Let me know how you do!

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I had just used the deal to purchase " God Grew Tired of us" - a documentary about the "lost boys" of Sudan, - timely for putting Darfur in my heart prior to the Genocide Olympics,and scored "Factory Girl" - a movie on Andy Warhol, that I have been wanting to see! - Thanks for the Heads up!

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Thanks Linsey! My husband and I have been wanting to purchase a couple of DVDs. Thanks to you we paid less than $5!

A note to firefox users do your order in IE. The website freaked when I tried submitting my order via firefox 3.0.

Linsey Knerl's picture

Thanks Laura, for the browser update.  I had no problems in version 5.0, but not everyone may have upgraded yet.

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Eric G

Got some Christmas shopping done in August! Thanks!

Paul Michael's picture

I ordered two movies I've wanted to own for a long time, and a silly one for my wife. Grand total $2.66!

Product Condition Price
My Super Ex-Girlfriend Used 3.99
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy - Unrated, Uncut & Uncalled For! [WS] Used 4.49
Thank You for Smoking [WS] Used 3.99
Merchandise Subtotal 12.47

Promotional Code --10.00
Shipping/Handling +0.00
Tax +0.19

Total 2.66


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Thanks so much! I'm heading right over to use that code.

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Finding Nemo for only $3.76!

Thank you! :)

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Thanks for the tip! Just got DragonSlayer and Galaxy Quest for a grand total of $2.10 ....thanks again!

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i got juno for $5.24 - it was $14.99 originally!! love it! great job keeping us updated!!



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Isaacs wife

Thanks for the tip, I got a bunch of movies average cost for each $1.61!

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Thanks for the tip! I shop using and Blockbuster's one of the stores that participates.

You can use this link to register to help the nonprofit I volunteer with, the Passsionist Volunteers, if you like.

They use the $$$ towards their home-repair program in West Virginia and an inner-city camp they run in Brooklyn each summer.


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Thanks for the great find, really helped me get Titanic & Coach Carter for just 2.75. Awesome!!!