Save money on ITunes every time you buy a song

By Paul Michael on 6 April 2007 comments


Another quick and easy money-saving tip for everyone, this time for the few million of us out there addicted to ITunes.

It basically involves using a cash back rebate site called (similar to You end up saving 4.5% on every download. That equates to 1 free $0.99 song for every 22 songs you download, or 1 free $1.99 TV show for every 23 TV shows you download. Doesn't sound like a lot, but if you happen to be downloading songs form iTunes anyway, what have you got to lose?

The how-to video below from takes you through everything in under three minutes, but here's the quick version.

Do this part once.

1: Visit

2: Go to iTunes box (under I). Click "bookmark."

3: For Firefox, Safari and Opera - drag the "iTunes QuickCrumb" link to your toolbar.

4: For Internet Explorer, bookmark the "iTunes QuickCrumb" link.

From Now On

1: Click on the QuickCrumb link. You will be taken to iTunes.

2: Make Your Purchase.

3: You will receive 4.5% cash back.

By the way, BigCrumbs is also a great way to earn money for shopping at other stores you normally shop at. Some of the retailers involved include, Babies R Us, Buckle,, Cingular, Circuit City, Dell, Discovery and, well, hundreds more. Check it out .

How to Save on iTunes - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

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