Save Some Coin with Lands' End Overstocks and Free Shipping!

By Linsey Knerl on 5 October 2008 9 comments
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I love Lands' End and their selection of high-quality, comfy clothes and shoes.  Their overstocks are very reasonably priced, and with this special code, you can even get free shipping!

With something for everyone in the family, I enjoyed browsing through the clearance and overstock section at Lands' End.  Some items in particular that caught my eye, include:

  • A selection of cute and comfy ladies’ undies (everything from hipsters to thongs for less than $3 in some styles and sizes.)
  • Some NQP (Not Quite Perfect) Men’s Tees (the neckline is 1” larger than what the label states) for less than $5.  Check out their other NQP’s!

There are overstocks for baby, boys, girls, ladies, and guys.  I found summer tanks for less than $3 and an assortment of school uniform pieces.  (Just be careful when clicking the “school uniform” link.  For some reason it comes up with over 1000 products and contains everything from bedding to ladies’ shoes.  To find just the school uniform deals, click on boys or girls and go from there.)

You will be taxed based on your location, but the best part is the FREE SHIPPING!  Just fill your cart, and put code “SHIPFREE” and PIN# 4566 in the promotion boxes at checkout.  (You can click the small “Apply” button before even entering your credit card info to be sure the amount adjusts.)

Word on the street is that this code is only good until 10/9.  It worked for me! Let me know if you are able to score any other good Lands' End deals.

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No go on the free shipping code... it might have limited uses?

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Land's End is my number one place to shop. 90% of my clothing is Land's End. I just happen to be one of those people too short and too thin for off the rack clothes. Instead of paying a tailor $5-$10 to fix my pants I have them built to fix my exact measurements.

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I just found out that the first code was limited.  I updated the post to show the new code that is working now "SHIPFREE".  I loaded up my cart and tested it out.  Let me know if this new one isn't working!


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Actually, it's Lands' End.

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Those are some seriously great scores on prices, Linsey. I'll have to pass the word along (and of course, check it out myself).

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Thanks.  :)


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Just before the free shipping promo email hit my inbox I ordered a bunch of stuff from Lands' End Overstocks. Oh well, at least I used gift cards accumulated via (always paid off)credit card points .. Re: Lands' End merchandise on the cheap, if you have a Sears store with a LE boutique keep an eye on the clearance, which bottoms out at 70-75% off marked price, which is usually 25-30% off original. I've picked up a lot of nice stuff that way.

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Thanks for sharing! I just bought a couple work clothes items and sent my mom a happy email sharing, too! (PS I usually love all your posts- thanks.) :-)

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There's a lot of these sorts of deals going on all the time. You can find a lot of similar coupons at can also set up personal feeds or updates for certain products or phrases through