Stocking the Perfect Love Nest

By Sarah Winfrey on 14 February 2007 1 comment

So, you're taking her out tonight, and then you're taking her back to your place. Whether she's been there before or not, here are some ideas to make your place pop.

These are better late than never. While you can't order them online now, these links should give you good ideas about what to look for.


Most women love things that are soft, particularly the plush kind of soft. That is an entirely unsubstantiatied assertion on my part, but it's true based on my totally unscientific observations. If you know your girl, you'll know her texture preferences. Remember that shirt she can't help but touch, or the pillow she always curls up around when she relaxes on your couch? Mimic that texture and she'll never want to leave.

If you don't know her well, think about what you want to do. Are you thinking of curling up in front of the fire or a good movie? Try something like this supersoft blanket, accented by some comfy pillows. Are you hoping to spend an extended evening in bed? Try some high thread count Egyptian cotton.


Again, totally unscientific, but women care about details. Do your candles match your decor, or are they all nasty and sooty black? Were your candle holders meant to hold candles, or did they originally hold peas and carrots? Try something simple yet elegant to spruce up your bachelor pad. Do you have anything green in your house (besides the moldy food in the fridge)? Buy some cheap plants Walmart and place them where she'll be sure to see them.

Display Your Cuisine

Right, you've just eaten. But some foods are just not negotiable. When your goal is setting a mood, it doesn't matter if she eats as long as you have the food and display it well. Whether you choose chocolate-covered strawberries, gelato in small bowls, or champagne floats, pay attention to your service (plasticware and styrofoam are, unfortunately, out). Decide what what mood you want to set. Soft and comfortable? Pick dishes with muted colors and golden details. For a more edgy look, go for a unique shape and a bold color. You get my drift.

I hope you see the pattern here. You're going for a mood. Decide what that is. Buy small things that enhance that. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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that you are gong to have an awesome Valentine's Day?  You have a great sense for romance AND you are newlyweds!  Thanks for the great tips.  Most of them are still doable in the next three hours.  It's not too late guys!