All You Magazine en-US Welcome All You Magazine Readers: Q & A With Linsey Knerl <div class="field field-type-filefield field-field-blog-image"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> <a href="/welcome-all-you-magazine-readers-q-a-with-linsey-knerl" class="imagecache imagecache-250w imagecache-linked imagecache-250w_linked"><img src=" rider.jpg" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-250w" width="250" height="188" /></a> </div> </div> </div> <p>I&rsquo;m so excited to be featured in the newest issue of All You Magazine! Many of you have come here to learn more about Wise Bread, my blogging career, or just life as a work-at-home mom in a tight economy. I hope to answer some of your questions here!</p> <p>Since the article first ran last week, I&rsquo;ve gotten several emails and even phone calls from other moms looking for a way to help provide for their families, as well. While each situation is different, there are a few questions I can hope to answer to help get you started.</p> <h3>Why would I want to start a blog?</h3> <p>There are two reasons that you may want to consider blogging on your own website:</p> <p><strong>1. For fun</strong> &mdash; Many moms find the outlet of writing about their daily lives and their families to be a great way to unwind at the end of a stressful day, connect with a community online that holds similar interests, or to just document those first special moments with a new baby (not all of us are talented scrapbookers).</p> <p><strong>2. For money</strong> &mdash; This is the type of blogging I get asked about the most. In reality, it is very difficult to make any kind of substantial income from blogging, alone. My income is made up of a combination of blogging on my own website, blogging for others (like Wise Bread), traditional freelance writing (for magazines and online websites), consulting, and marketing services.</p> <h3>How can I earn a living blogging?</h3> <p>As the article pointed out, it took me almost a full year of dedicated 40-hour a week blogging and research to get to a point where I could earn that first part-time income. I put in several hundred hours of setting up my blog, posting a few dozen well-written posts, researching revenue options, and connecting with other bloggers and companies to begin building my blog traffic. This seemed futile at first &mdash; but I was unable to take a job outside the home, and so it was the only income I could make at the time.</p> <p>You can earn revenue from blogging in a couple of ways:</p> <p><strong>1. Advertising income</strong> &mdash; This is income from placing ads directly on your blog. You can sell ads to companies, use affiliate programs, or complete paid posts. All are slow to build, but can continue to bring in a steady revenue after time.</p> <p><strong>2. Blogging for others</strong> &mdash; When I first joined Wise Bread, I wasn&rsquo;t prepared for how successful it was about to become! Within my first year, I went from making just $6 that first month to making a wonderful part-time income from the advertising revenue on my blog posts. I went on to write blog posts for several companies, including American Greetings, an event management company, and a major floral company. Sometimes my name would be published, but most often I was a &ldquo;ghost writer&rdquo; &mdash; meaning someone else got credit for my work (but I still got paid).</p> <h3>I see ads for blogging jobs all the time, but they all require writing samples. How do I get my foot in the door?</h3> <p>Just like traditional freelance writing, getting into blogging is a kind of two-way sword. You can&rsquo;t get jobs without published work, but you can&rsquo;t publish work without a job. Here is what I suggest for improving your odds (and the benefits are lasting):</p> <p><strong>1. <a href="">Start your own blog</a>, and update it frequently</strong> &mdash; Very rarely will major blogging outlets look solely at a personal blog to decide if you have blogging talent, but it is a good way to start. You not only have a chance to put your writing style and skill on display, but you&rsquo;ll be keeping your creative juices flowing, can refine your writing craft, and will have a chance to learn basic tech skills that you&rsquo;ll need when blogging (basic HTML, for example).</p> <p><strong>2. Guest post</strong> &mdash; Many popular and reputable websites (<a href="">including Wise Bread</a>) have a guest post policy or program. Some are paid, and many aren&rsquo;t paid, but they all allow outside writers to contribute a post with full credit to you and most often your own blog! Not only does this help build quality <a href="">backlinks</a> to your own blog, but it can help get you known as a blogger. Don&rsquo;t forget &mdash; these guest posts can then be used in your portfolio (you know, those pesky writing samples that blog jobs ask for when you apply).</p> <h3>What about article sites like eZine Articles, Helium, and Creative Commons?</h3> <p>These sites are nice to practice writing/blogging, but honestly, I have never made too much money from them (and my exposure was even less notable). Furthermore, when bloggers submit their writing samples for a real blogging job and their entire body of work is housed in these types of sites, it tells me two things:</p> <p><strong>1. They may or may not be able to write</strong> &mdash; Article submission sites literally allow most anyone to submit; no writing skills are required. While some sites may outright buy your article (indicating that it is probably up to snuff), there&rsquo;s no way for a potential hiring company to see this from your writing sample.</p> <p><strong>2. They haven&rsquo;t differentiated themselves in the blogging market</strong> &mdash; Article sites are rarely niche, meaning that they contain millions of topics that all get jumbled up amongst one another. Bloggers who have contributed content to a particular topic site (like guest posting for a pet health blog, for example) have proven that they can make necessary connections within their community and can focus their writing on their own expertise.</p> <p>When helping to edit guest posts here on Wise Bread, I may or may not take a look at an Ezine article to get an overview of someone&rsquo;s writing style or to make an initial decision about whether they are a compatible as a guest poster here. I am far more impressed, however, with a blogger who&rsquo;s taken the time to set up their own blog or write for other blogs. This shows an ability to create and connect &mdash; something that&rsquo;s very important when blogging professionally.</p> <p><strong><em>Important Note: While anyone can start a blog and even keep a blog going, not everyone will make a substantial living as a blogger.</em></strong></p> <p>As I said, before, much of my income comes from blogging, but an even larger portion comes from traditional freelance writing and marketing/consulting services. All of these were born from blogging, so it&rsquo;s still very much my declared profession, but to fully realize the kind of income that a family of 6 (and soon to be 7) needs to live on, I needed to diversify my skills and pursue a variety of opportunities.</p> <p>Additionally, not everyone will be cut out to blog. Perhaps there will be a lack of writing skill, not enough interest in the blogger&rsquo;s niche expertise, or not enough time available to dedicate to the endeavor. These are all some of the reasons why many bloggers don&rsquo;t thrive.</p> <p>So what do I recommend to the many who have written in about their current financial struggles and their desires to help out their families by contributing to the family income &mdash; perhaps by blogging? I say, &ldquo;Go for it!&rdquo; But remember, it may take more time than you have to meet financial obligations and keep things afloat in <a href="">dire circumstances</a>. It may be something you build while pursuing more cash-ready endeavors.</p> <p>My family is not unfamiliar with the struggles of <a href="">job loss</a>, illness, and raising a family. I&rsquo;ve written about these trials here on Wise Bread, and I&rsquo;ve helped see my family through a number of <a href="">financial setbacks</a> by working hard to help earn more money. Past jobs that I&rsquo;ve taken while raising young children include waiting tables, managing a fast-food restaurant, working in a dermatology clinic, acting as an account executive to a subrogation firm, and numerous &ldquo;temp&rdquo; jobs (one of them involved stuffing envelopes for days on end). Whatever was needed to help keep us afloat, I did &mdash; as did my husband. No work was beneath us, and I didn&rsquo;t worry that a few hours away from my children was going to somehow leave them impaired (we homeschool and I work from home now &mdash; the perfect combination &mdash; but it wasn&rsquo;t always this way). We did what we had to for tummies to be fed and a house to be warm.</p> <p>I encourage parents everywhere who have come here &mdash; whether as a result of my article, or not &mdash; to take away some <a href="">feeling that they are not alone</a>. This economy can be disheartening. I know: my husband has two degrees and has not been able to find work in his field for years. But we have come together as a family to create a new business &mdash; one built on blogging, but flexible enough to take us through whatever online trends may come.</p> <p>I wish you all the best in whatever you pursue! I hope you find some of my <a href="">other articles</a> useful, and I encourage you to <a href="">contact me</a> with questions or comments.</p> <br /><div id="custom_wisebread_footer"><div id="rss_tagline">This article is from <a href="">Linsey Knerl</a> of <a href="">Wise Bread</a>, an award-winning personal finance and <a href="">credit card comparison</a> website. 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The July issue of <a href="">All You Magazine</a> had several inspiring ways to <a href="">get your cleaning jobs done for less</a>.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Here are my top picks, along with some additional ways to stretch that dollar!<o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>1.&nbsp; Sanitize your Sponges</strong></h2> <p><strong><img alt="" style="width: 201px; height: 366px;" src="" /><o:p></o:p></strong></p> <p>Synthetic sponges and kitchen cloths are super-convenient to have on hand, but we all know that after just a few uses, they can get a bit funky-smelling.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Instead of throwing them out and buying new ones (a total waste of money), or just tossing them into the wash (which doesn&rsquo;t always work,) why not use this clever tip from?<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Fill up your kitchen sink with hot water, add one cup of bleach, and toss those stinky things right in!<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Bacteria will be gone for good, leaving your sponges fresh-smelling again.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>(You&rsquo;ll also have a shinier sink to show for it!)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>2.&nbsp; Measure it</strong></h2> <p>&nbsp;<img alt="" style="width: 368px; height: 276px;" src="" /></p> <p>Are you using 2x or more concentrated detergent?<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Chances are good that the products you use today are twice as potent as the ones we used years ago.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Pay careful attention to measure out only what you need to get your cleaning tasks done efficiently (read the label and the fill lines, first.)<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Not only are you saving money by avoiding unnecessary over-portioning, but you can save your clothes and other household surfaces from an early demise.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Too much cleaner can be harmful!<span style="">&nbsp; </span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>3.&nbsp; Sweep it up</strong></h2> <p><strong><img alt="" style="width: 400px; height: 266px;" src="" /></strong></p> <p>I know a trick for using that popular sweeping tool without buying the expensive refill cloths.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Simply cut old polar fleece clothing into the same size and shape as your brand-name, disposable cleaning cloths, and use them to pick up all the dirt, lint, and hair that plagues your hard-surface flooring.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Toss them in the wash to use again and again!<span style="">&nbsp; </span>(Another snazzy trick is to try used dryer sheets in the same way &ndash; only using them once for their new purpose, of course.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Talk about getting extra miles out of your cleaning products!)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>4.&nbsp; No shoes allowed</strong></h2> <p><strong><img alt="" style="width: 402px; height: 285px;" src="" /></strong></p> <p>There is a very good reason to ask your family and guests to leave their shoes at the door.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Not only does it guarantee that dirt and mud won&rsquo;t get tracked throughout your home, but it can give your carpeting and hardwood floors an extra lease on life (less scratches, snags, and general wear-and-tear.)<span style="">&nbsp; </span>You&rsquo;ll rest easy knowing that you&rsquo;re also contributing to a healthier environment inside your home &ndash; the soles of your shoes can carry more icky germs than a typical toilet seat!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><b style="">5.&nbsp; Pare down your Cleaning Arsenal</b></h2> <p><img alt="" style="width: 368px; height: 245px;" src="" /></p> <p><b style=""><o:p></o:p></b></p> <p>There really are <a href="">one-size-fits-all cleaning products</a> on the market, one of them being my personal favorite, Oxy Clean.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>The all-purpose cleaner is available at most any store, and it isn&rsquo;t more than $4 or so for a 1.5 pound tub (I also reuse the empty containers to store clothespins, kids&rsquo; crayons, or random nails and bolts.)<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Advertised with having over 100 uses around the home, I&rsquo;ve really only tried about 10 or so.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>I can say that the best use for the stuff is removing those &ldquo;impossible&rdquo; stains. <span style="">&nbsp;</span>(Recently my daughter sat on a melted blue crayon in the backseat of our car.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>After letting the colored wax cool and harden, I scraped most of it off with a knife, then dampened the area and sprinkled it with Oxy Clean.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>After working the product into the denim with an old toothbrush, I rinsed it in cool water and threw it in the wash.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>You can&rsquo;t see any signs of the offending crayon!)<span style="">&nbsp; </span><b style="">Bottom line</b>: If you find a versatile cleaning product that fills the needs of more than one routine, consolidate &ndash; don&rsquo;t duplicate!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>6.&nbsp; Get floors spotless with the power of steam</strong></h2> <p><strong><img src="" style="width: 257px; height: 383px;" alt="" /><o:p></o:p></strong></p> <p><span style="font-weight: normal;">I&rsquo;m a huge fan of the <span style="">steaming floor cleaner</span>.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>In fact, I&rsquo;ve had several models in my lifetime (not because they wore out, but because I love trying new models!)<span style="">&nbsp; </span>A good steam-powered floor cleaner will leave your floors sanitized, squeaky-clean, and streak-free within minutes, and the best part is that they require no chemicals or additional product: just the pure ingredient of water!<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Investing in a $85 &ndash; 120 model may seem like a chunk of change, but when you factor in the cost of floor cleaners over the life of the steamer and consider how much safer and environmentally-friendly your new mop is, the cost is justifiable.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>Most mops also come with everything you need to do several rooms with a moment&rsquo;s notice &ndash; including enough microfiber cleaning heads to get you started.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>There is no waste, and water is the cheapest cleaner we know of!</span></p> <p>You can find other cool household tips on All You&rsquo;s <a href="" target="_blank">Budget Home section</a>, like how to <a href="" target="_blank">fight tough stains</a> around the house, effective ways to <a href="" target="_blank">reuse household items</a>, and the secret to <a href="" target="_blank">streamlining your kitchen</a> with clever storage spaces.&nbsp;</p> <p>If you have a cleaning hack of your own please share them in the comments!</p> <br /><div id="custom_wisebread_footer"><div id="rss_tagline">This article is from <a href="">Linsey Knerl</a> of <a href="">Wise Bread</a>, an award-winning personal finance and <a href="">credit card comparison</a> website. 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