canned salmon en-US 50 Ways to Use Canned Salmon <div class="field field-type-filefield field-field-blog-image"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> <a href="/50-ways-to-use-canned-salmon" class="imagecache imagecache-250w imagecache-linked imagecache-250w_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-250w" width="250" height="140" /></a> </div> </div> </div> <p>I love fresh salmon. It's a delicious, nutritious fish, and it is easy to fix. So, why try <em>canned </em>salmon? Let's review.</p> <ul> <li> <p>The price: I was able to find very good quality six-ounce cans of salmon for around $2 at Costco and Trader Joe's. (See also: <a href="">The Best Credit Cards for Groceries</a>)</p> </li> <li> <p>The nutritional value: Canned salmon is a good source of calcium, Vitamin D, protein, and Omega 3's.</p> </li> </ul> <p>But how do I fix canned salmon, you wonder? Here are 50 suggestions.</p> <h2>1. Salmon Hash</h2> <p>I am starting off with one of my favorites, salmon hash.</p> <p><strong>Salmon Hash</strong></p> <p>(Serves 2)</p> <ul> <li>2 medium red potatoes, cut into pieces</li> <li>1 can salmon, drained and chunked</li> <li>&frac12; small onion, chopped</li> <li>1 red pepper, sliced</li> <li>2 eggs</li> </ul> <p>Boil the potatoes until tender and drain. While potatoes are cooling, saute red peppers and onions until tender. Gently stir in potatoes and salmon; set aside and keep warm.</p> <p>Poach or fry eggs (over-easy method). Divide salmon-potato-pepper mixture on two plates and top each with an egg. Salt to taste.</p> <h2>2. Salmon Mousse</h2> <p>I searched high and low for my mother's favorite salmon mousse recipe. It came from the back of an Escort Cracker box. I was unable to find that specific recipe but <a href="">this one seems extremely close</a>. It does not have to be made in a mold (I used a quiche dish and just didn't flip it out). This is really nice for a party and although Escort Crackers have gone by the wayside, Ritz crackers work fine.</p> <h2>3. Salmon Gratin</h2> <p>Even Julia Child used canned salmon. Proof positive here in this delicious <a href="">salmon gratin</a>.</p> <h2>4. Salmon Perok</h2> <p>What the heck is <a href="">Salmon Perok</a>? Well, it's like a Shepherd's pie. This is perfect for a cold day. I confess I cheated and used a refrigerated piecrust. That's OK, you know. Give yourself a break.</p> <h2>5. Salmon Omelettes</h2> <p>Salmon omelettes make a decadent brunch. They only look expensive! When your eggs are just about set, add drained, chunked salmon, drained capers, and chives. Fold and top with a dollop of sour cream and serve with sourdough toast. So inexpensive, you can serve champagne.</p> <h2>6. Asian Salad Nicoise</h2> <p>From Sunset magazine, a really simple and fresh idea: an Asian-style Nicoise salad.</p> <p>&quot;Arrange chunks of salmon, boiled potatoes, hard-cooked eggs, green beans, and watercress. Dress with a vinaigrette of rice vinegar, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil.&quot; (See also: <a href="">25 Tasty Salad Dressing Recipes</a>)</p> <h2>7. Quinoa, Salmon, and Avocado Salad</h2> <p>I am new to quinoa (it took a little getting used to) so I was pretty excited when I saw this <a href="">quinoa, salmon, and avocado salad</a>. Besides being beautiful, it's so healthy. Just substitute canned (drained and chunked) salmon!</p> <h2>8. Salmon Chowder</h2> <p>There are umpteen recipes for <a href="">salmon chowder</a>. I like this one because it has corn and, well, BACON. This one calls for fresh salmon but simply substitute drained, chunked canned salmon.</p> <h2>9. Salmon Rolls</h2> <p><a href="">Salmon appetizer</a>, anyone? Yes, and I wouldn't leave out the cumin, which is optional.</p> <h2>10. Salmon Wraps</h2> <p>As long as we are rolling salmon into tortillas, this is a good time to show you's <a href="">Wrap-it-Up Alaska salmon sandwich</a>. These are great for a work lunch (keep refrigerated) just as they show them, with some fruit to go with.</p> <h2>11. Salmon Salad Sandwich</h2> <p>Another work lunch (or school lunch, possibly) idea here: <a href="">salmon salad sandwiches</a>. Agree on the addition of celery and carrot.</p> <h2>12. Easy Salmon Souffle</h2> <p>Don't be intimidated by souffles! They just take practice. Here's a good starter: <a href="">salmon souffle</a>.</p> <h2>13. Salmon Ragout</h2> <p>Talk about a healthy dinner! This features not only salmon, but white beans and kale. Simplify the recipe by just adding drained, chunked salmon (I heat mine a little bit in the microwave) to the top of <a href="">the bacon-bean-kale mixture</a>.</p> <h2>14. Salmon Pizza</h2> <p>Salmon&hellip; <a href="">pizza</a>? What? Yup.</p> <h2>15. Salmon Curry</h2> <p>Curry is another one of those recipes that is extremely versatile. This <a href="">salmon curry</a> has just the right amount of spiciness for me, but increase the red pepper if you like more. Simply ignore the fish cooking directions and make the sauce. The jasmine rice gives more authentic flavor, if you haven't tried that, before.</p> <h2>16. Salmon Quiche</h2> <p>For a club luncheon, several of us brought quiches; others contributed fruit and rolls. This <a href="">salmon quiche</a> was really popular.</p> <h2>17. Salmon and Noodles</h2> <p>Here is another mom-in-the-sixties Friday thing: Buttered noodles with parsley, canned salmon (drained/flaked), and peas.</p> <h2>18. Salmon on Toast</h2> <p>Mom would also roll out this little number after a rough day at work, or for those days when payday wasn't quite close enough: <a href="">creamed salmon and peas on toast</a>.</p> <h2>19. Salmon Spring Rolls</h2> <p><a href="">Vietnamese spring rolls</a> are one of my favorite things to eat. They are so full of healthy ingredients that I never feel guilty after eating them! This recipe uses canned or leftover salmon.</p> <h2>20. Salmon Tacos</h2> <p>Cool <a href="">salmon tacos</a>, ole!</p> <h2>21. Salmon Sushi</h2> <p>Even sushi becomes economical using canned salmon. I like to mix the salmon with mayo, and a little Sriracha sauce (spicy) and then roll as usual with green onions, rice, and cucumber. (See also: <a href="">20+ Ways to Use Sriracha</a>)</p> <h2>22. Salmon Fried Rice</h2> <p>When I make sushi (above) I always have leftovers. Waste not, want not! Make those leftovers into fried rice. Heat leftover rice in oil until it is warm. Throw in the leftover salmon and vegetables. Scrambled in two eggs and drizzle shoyu (soy sauce) on top.</p> <h2>23.Salmon Lettuce Wraps</h2> <p>If fried rice isn't your thing, you can also use your sushi leftovers in lettuce wraps. Just spoon the sushi ingredients into large lettuce leaves and roll them up. I like to dip mine in peanut sauce. (See also: <a href="">Fancy Ways to Use Leftovers</a>)</p> <h2>24. Salmon Melt</h2> <p>Tuna melt? Just make it a salmon melt. Try it with havarti &mdash; wow!</p> <h2>25. Salmon Burger</h2> <p>You may have seen my <a href="">salmon burger</a> in an earlier burger post, but in case you haven't, here it is (scroll down to number 7).</p> <h2>26. Salmon in Avocado</h2> <p>Another ladies-who-lunch idea: Mix canned salmon with mayonnaise, diced green onions, and diced celery. Spoon mixture into hollowed-out avocado halves on a bed of lettuce. Serve with croissants.</p> <h2>27. Salmon Crepes</h2> <p>I made these <a href="">salmon crepes</a> for a bridal shower once. They were a big hit. Serve with rolls, a layered fruit salad, and some dilled green beans. Again, just substitute canned for smoked.</p> <h2>28. Salmon Tea Sandwiches</h2> <p>Tea, anyone? Or perhaps a salmon, cream cheese, dill, and cucumber sandwich? Tea parties are fun. We also served strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, scones with jam, and tiny cookies.</p> <p>These next four recipes highlight canned salmon in casseroles.</p> <h2>29. Salmon Casserole #1</h2> <p>First up: <a href=";position=2%2F7">rice, broccoli, and salmon casserole</a>. I used &quot;hapa&quot; rice (a combination of white and brown rice).</p> <h2>30. Salmon Casserole #2</h2> <p>Next: <a href="">potato and salmon casserole</a>.</p> <h2>31. Salmon Casserole #3</h2> <p>I really love recipes that start off by telling you that &quot;even people who don't like (the main ingredient) like this.&quot; Such is the case with this <a href="">salmon casserole</a>.</p> <h2>32. Salmon Casserole #4</h2> <p>Let's end with a classic: <a href="">salmon and green bean casserole</a>.</p> <h2>33. Salmon Stir-Fry</h2> <p>Casserole'd out? I am, so let's get back to some contemporary cooking&hellip; like this <a href="">prawn and salmon stir-fry with lemongrass and mint</a>. Just leave out the step with the fresh salmon, and at the last minute, add drained, chunked canned salmon. You are still going to get the flavors, but you're eliminating some of the fuss.</p> <h2>34. Salmon Dumplings</h2> <p>These <a href="">salmon dumplings</a> are a perfect example of how canned salmon can be substituted for fresh. By the time you blend the pork, salmon, ginger, scallion, blah blah blah&hellip; who can tell? Our Chinese exchange student made these for us once, and we just gobbled them up as fast as she could make them!</p> <h2>35. Salmon Croquettes</h2> <p><a href="">Salmon patties</a>, or croquettes, are really easy to make. We like ours with tartar sauce, over a bed of lettuce, with waffle fries or rice.</p> <h2>36. Salmon and Noodles, Thai Style</h2> <p>Super-easy! Cook some rice noodles and drain. Top with drained, chunked salmon, <a href="">peanut sauce</a>, sliced green onions, and chopped salted peanuts. Some sliced cucumbers on the side are refreshing.</p> <h2>37. Salmon Alfredo</h2> <p>In the same vein, if you cook fettuccine noodles and make an <a href="">alfredo</a> sauce, add some salmon. This is very rich, and a green salad on the side works well.</p> <h2>40. Salmon Loaf</h2> <p><a href="">Salmon loaf</a>: People seem to love it or hate it. I don't know why this isn't loveable.</p> <h2>41. Salmon Cheese Ball</h2> <p>Good grief, I almost left out the <a href="">salmon cheese ball</a>, and I just made one last weekend. Party food! It also works in a log shape.&nbsp;</p> <h2>42. Salmon Deviled Eggs</h2> <p>I wish I were joking, but I could probably eat a plate of these <a href="">salmon deviled eggs with homemade mayonnaise</a> all by myself.</p> <h2>43. Salmon Mac</h2> <p>From my newlywed days: Add a can of drained, chunked salmon to a box of macaroni and cheese. My husband used to joke that I knew a hundred ways to make macaroni and cheese. He was sure happy when I learned how to cook.</p> <h2>44. Salmon Rissoles</h2> <p>I don't know why I didn't see these <a href="">salmon rissoles</a> when I did my <a href="">cornflakes</a> post, darnit.</p> <h2>45. Salmon Breakfast Bake</h2> <p>To me, <a href="">Mexi-salmon breakfast bake</a> just cries out for a Bloody Mary to go with.</p> <h2>46. Salmon-Mac Salad</h2> <p>Here in Hawaii, tuna-mac salad and potato salad are everywhere. Can you substitute canned salmon for the tuna? Yes..</p> <h2>47. Salmon Couscous Salad</h2> <p><a href="">Salmon couscous salad with tomatoes and zucchini</a> is nutritious and looks so appetizing. Again, just substitute canned for fresh.</p> <h2>48. Salmon Eggs Benedict</h2> <p>For a seafood version of Eggs Benedict, use salmon instead of ham, and garnish with dill. Don't be intimidated by <a href="">Hollandaise sauce</a> &mdash; this easy recipe link will be one you'll want to bookmark.</p> <h2>49. &quot;Smoked&quot; Salmon Bisque</h2> <p>Here is a little trick. If I substitute regular canned salmon for smoked, yes, I lose some of that smoky flavor. I keep a little bottle of Colgin's Liquid Smoke in my refrigerator. A few drops of that in this <a href="">smoked salmon bisque</a> fixed that problem.</p> <h2>50. Salmon Cioppino</h2> <p>Last, but certainly not least is this <a href="">seafood soup</a>, which reminds me of a cioppino. I just substituted canned salmon for fresh. Serve with french bread on a chilly day.</p> <p>There you have it: Fifty ideas for using inexpensive, nutritious canned salmon. Hope I found some to suit your tastes!</p> <p><em>What's your favorite way to use canned salmon?</em></p> <br /><div id="custom_wisebread_footer"><div id="rss_tagline">This article is from <a href="">Marla Walters</a> of <a href="">Wise Bread</a>, an award-winning personal finance and <a href="">credit card comparison</a> website. 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