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1 Wise Bread site @wisebread
2 2million's Personal Finance Blog site @2million
3 Consumerist site @consumerist
4 Get Rich Slowly site @jdroth
5 The Simple Dollar site @trenttsd
6 Money Saving Mom site @moneysavingmom
7 Money Blue Book site @moneybluebook
8 My Open Wallet site @MyOpenWallet
9 Bargaineering site @bargainr
10 Free Money Finance site @FMFblog
11 Frugal Dad site @frugaldad
12 Money Ning site @moneyning
13 I Will Teach You To Be Rich site @ramit
14 Mom Advice site @momadvice
15 Not Made of Money site @NotMadeOfMoney
16 MasterYourCard site @masteryourcard
17 Saving Advice site @savingadvice
18 Common Sense With Money site @CommnSenseMoney
19 My Money Blog site @mymoneyblog
20 Five Cent Nickel site @fcn
21 Being Frugal site @beingfrugal
22 The Digerati Life site @TheDigeratiLife
23 Living Almost Large site @livingalmost
24 Consumerism Commentary site @flexo
25 Moolanomy site @moolanomy
26 My Two Dollars site @MyTwoDollars
27 No Credit Needed site @NCN
28 All Financial Matters site @AFMBlog
29 Mighty Bargain Hunter site @mbhunter
30 Cash Money Life site @ryanguina
31 Christian Personal Finance site @christianpf
32 I've Paid For This Twice Already site @paidtwice
33 My Dollar Plan site @mydollarplan
34 Finance for a Freelance Life site @mrsmicah
35 Lazy Man and Money site @lazymanandmoney
36 Budgets Are Sexy site @BudgetsareSexy
37 Almost Frugal site @AlmostFrugal
38 Gather Little By Little site @glblguy
39 FIRE Finance site @FIREfinance
40 Queercents site @queercents
41 Money Smart Life site @moneysmart
42 Coupon Cravings site @CouponCraving
43 The Sun's Financial Diary site @SunFinancial
44 Millionaire Mommy Next Door site @MillionMommyND
45 Generation X Finance site @JeremyVoh
46 No Debt Plan site @nodebtplan
47 Free From Broke site @freefrombroke
48 My Investing Blog site @hank_MiB
49 Bible Money Matters site @MoneyMatters
50 Frugal Upstate site @JennFowler
51 The Financial Blogger site @FinancialBlogr
52 PT Money site @ptmoney
53 The Dough Roller site @doughroller
54 Blogging Away Debt site
55 Clever Dude site @cleverdude
56 Million Dollar Journey site @frugaltrader
57 Keeping the Kingdom First site @kingdomfirstmom
58 Saving to Invest site @saving2invest
59 Brip Blap site @bripblap
60 American Consumer News site @ConsumerFeed
61 Money Smarts Blog site @MoneySmartsBlog
62 How I Save Money site @howisavemoney
63 The Happy Rock site @thehappyrock
64 Chief Family Officer site @CFOblog
65 Plonkee Money site @plonkee
66 One Caveman's Financial Journey site @ThatOneCaveman
67 Sense to Save site @sensetosave
68 Blunt Money site @bluntmoneyblog
69 Single Guy Money site @singleguymoney
70 Stop Buying Crap site @holycap
71 Don't Mess With Taxes site @taxtweet
72 The Baglady site
73 Give Me Back My Five Bucks site @krystalatwork
74 Dividend Growth Investor site @dividendgrowth
75 Frugal Law Student site @brettmckay
76 Debt Kid site @debtkid
77 Poorer Than You site @stephonee
78 Dual Income No Kids site @Dinks_Finance
79 Banker Girl site @banker_girl
80 A Dash of Insight site
81 The Wandering Tax Pro site @rdftaxpro
82 Money and Such site @Shadox1
83 Punny Money site
84 PF Blog site
85 Dividend Money site
86 Money Musings site
87 Make Love, Not Debt site @LoveNotDebt
88 Money and Values site
89 Money Crashers site @moneycrashers
90 Money Under Thirty site @moneyunder30
91 My 1st Million At 33 site
92 Frequently Asked Questions site
93 Neville's Financial Blog site
94 Canadian Dream: Free at 45 site @canadiandream
95 Grad Money Matters site @GradMoneyMatter
96 One Frugal Girl site @onefrugalgirl
97 First Generation White Collar site @moneymonk
98 Getting Finances Done site @Finances101
99 Everybody Loves Your Money site
100 Penny Foolish site