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The Fixer Upper: A Novel [Hardcover] $9.92 (62% Off) has recently reduced the price of Mary Kay Andrew's "The Fixer Upper". It's normally $25.99, on sale for $9.92.

The delightful New York Times bestselling author returns with a hilarious novel about one woman's quest to redo an old house . . . and her life. After her boss in a high-powered Washington public relations firm is caught in a political scandal, fledgling lobbyist Dempsey Jo Killebrew is left almost broke, unemployed, and homeless. Out of options, she reluctantly accepts her father's offer to help refurbish Birdsong, the old family place he recently inherited in Guthrie, Georgia. All it will take, he tells her, is a little paint and some TLC to turn the fading Victorian mansion into a real-estate cash cow. But, oh, is Dempsey in for a surprise when she arrives in Guthrie.

ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine $9.98 (60% Off) has just reduced the price of "ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine: A Food Lover's Road Map to Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Getting Really Healthy". It was selling for $24.95, right now it's $9.98. This is the hardcover edition. The electronic edition is $11.99.

National Geographic 1 Year Subscription $15 is offering a one year subscription to National Geographic Magazine for $15. It's normally $71.88 (79% Off).

Maximum PC 1 Year Subscription $7.48 (93% Off) is offering a one year subscription to Maximum PC Magazine 93% Off. It's normally $107.88, on sale for $7.48.

O, The Oprah Magazine 1 Year Subscription $13 (76% Off) is featuring O Magazines on sale 76% off. It's normally $54 for a subscription, on sale for $13.

The End of Overeating $5.84 (63% Off)

Dr. David A. Kessler, the dynamic and controversial former FDA commissioner known for his crusade against the tobacco industry, is taking on another business that’s making Americans sick: the food industry. In The End of Overeating, Dr. Kessler shows us how our brain chemistry has been hijacked by the foods we most love to eat: those that contain stimulating combinations of fat, sugar, and salt. is featuring "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite" on sale for $5.84 (down from $15.99). 63% off. This is the paperback edition.

Organic Gardening, 2 Year Subscription $11.97 (75% Off)

Today only, is featuring a two year non-recurring subscription to Organic Gardening for $11.97. That's 75% off the usual price of $47.88.

Bargain Price Hardcovers from $3.41

Amazon has just reduced the price on some former bestselling hardcover editions - all the way down to $3.41 for Bill O'Reilly's Kids are Americans Too (86% Off)

Other hot deals include:

Pop Bakery: 25 Cakes on Sticks and Other Tempting Delights $7.97 (50% Off)

Discover Cake POPs - a combination of moist cake and a sweet candy coating, moulded onto a lollipop stick and then decorated to create a whole host of characters. Clare O'Connell of the Pop Bakery teaches you all you need to know. is featuring the hardcover edition of Cake Pops on sale for $7.97. It's usually $15.95 (50% Off).

Popular Science: 1 Year Subscription, $5

Today only you can get a one year subscription to Popular Science for $5 via

Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System-and Themselves $13.18 (60% Off) is featuring "Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System-and Themselves" on sale for $13.18. It's normally $32.95 (60% Off).

 Andrew Ross Sorkin delivers the first true behind-the-scenes, moment-by-moment account of how the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression developed into a global tsunami. From inside the corner office at Lehman Brothers to secret meetings in South Korea, and the corridors of Washington, Too Big to Fail is the definitive story of the most powerful men and women in finance and politics grappling with success and failure, ego and greed, and, ultimately, the fate of the world’s economy.

Eat This, Not That! 2011: Thousands of easy food swaps that can save you 10, 20, 30 pounds--or more! $9.45 (53% Off) is featuring Eat This, Not That! 2011: Thousands of easy food swaps that can save you 10, 20, 30 pounds--or more! on sale for $9.45. (53% Off)

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest $11.89 (57% Off)

As the finale to Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest is not content to merely match the adrenaline-charged pace that made international bestsellers out of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire. Instead, it roars with an explosive storyline that blows the doors off the series and announces that the very best has been saved for last. has "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" back on sale, this time it's 57% off. Normally $27.95 in hardcover, it's down to $11.89. Orders over $25 ship free.

The Gourmet Cookbook: More than 1000 recipes, Hardcover $6.32 (84% Off)

For the past six decades, Gourmet magazine has shaped the tastes of America, publishing the best work of the foremost names in the world of food. To create this landmark cookbook, editor in chief and celebrated authority Ruth Reichl and her staff sifted through more than 50,000 recipes. Many were developed exclusively in Gourmet's test kitchens. Others came from renowned food writers and chefs and from the magazine's far-flung readers. Then the editors embarked on an extraordinary series of cook-offs, testing and retesting each dish to ensure impeccable results. is featuring The Gourmet Cookbook on sale for $6.32. It's normally $40. (84% Off). This is the hardcover edition. Orders over $25 ship free.

The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream by Suze Orman $13 (50% Off)

Suze Orman, the woman millions of Americans have turned to for financial advice, says it’s time for a serious reconsideration of the American Dream—what promise it still holds, what aspects are in need of revision, and how it must be refashioned to fit our lives so that we can once again have faith that our hard work will pay off and that a secure and hopeful future is within our reach.


I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness, to The Blind Side, and Beyond by Michael Other & Don Yaeger

Michael Oher is the young man at the center of the true story depicted in The Blind Side movie (and book) that swept up awards and accolades. Though the odds were heavily stacked against him, Michael had a burning desire deep within his soul to break out of the Memphis inner-city ghetto and into a world of opportunity. While many people are now familiar with Oher's amazing journey, this is the first time he shares his account of his story in his own words, revealing his thoughts and feelings with details that only he knows, and offering his point of view on how anyone can achieve a better life.


Garden Design Magazine, 1 Year $11.97 (71% Off)

For a limited time is offering a one year subscription to Garden Design Magazine. It's on sale for $11.97, down from $41.93. 

Ani's Raw Food Essentials: Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food $11.18 (60% Off)

“The raw-food styling’s of the uncook queen Ani Phyo return for her most must-have volume yet. Ani’s Raw Food Essentials hits all of the basics—and beyond—in its hefty 300+ pages. Written with the beginner in mind, Phyo’s comprehensive content makes it perfect for anyone interested in adding more raw, unprocessed, delicious, and healthy meals to their life…Phyo’s tone is nothing but positive and supportive, encouraging small steps toward a healthier lifestyle and never demanding a 100-percent raw diet—especially not overnight.” is featuring "Ani's Raw Food Essentials: Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food" 60% off right now. It's normally $27.95, on sale for $11.18. This is the hardcover edition.

Slow Cooker Revolution $15.71 (42% Off)

Who doesn't like the idea of throwing ingredients into a slow cooker and coming back hours later to a finished meal? Too bad most slow cooker recipes deliver mediocre results you'd rather forget than fix again. A team of ten test cooks at America's Test Kitchen spent a year developing recipes, and what they discovered will change the way you use your slow cooker.


Did you know that onions garlic, and spices should be bloomed in the microwave for five minutes before they go into the slow cooker? This simple step intensifies their flavor and requires no extra work.


Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother $14.95 (42% Off)

Chua (Day of Empire) imparts the secret behind the stereotypical Asian child's phenomenal success: the Chinese mother. Chua promotes what has traditionally worked very well in raising children: strict, Old World, uncompromising values--and the parents don't have to be Chinese. What they are, however, are different from what she sees as indulgent and permissive Western parents: stressing academic performance above all, never accepting a mediocre grade, insisting on drilling and practice, and instilling respect for authority. Chua and her Jewish husband (both are professors at Yale Law) raised two girls, and her account of their formative years achieving amazing success in school and music performance proves both a model and a cautionary tale. is featuring "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" 42% off right now (in hardcover). It's normally $25.95, on sale for $14.95.