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70% Off Gift Certificates Code SWEET

Right now you can save 70% on gift certificates when you use the code SWEET at checkout.

$12.48 Entertainment Books Including Shipping

For a limited time you can get 2011 Entertainment books on sale for $12.48 including shipping.That's at least 50% off the regular price and you can use them on a variety of local and national venues. Keep yours in your car to have it handy when you go out. Each book has over $1,000 in coupons including 2-for-one and 50% off deals.

Today & Tomorrow: 80% Off Gift Certificates Code SUN

Today and tomorrow you can save 80% on gift certificates when you use the code SUN at checkout. This is as good as it gets, folks - the max discount. If you were waiting to stock up, now is the time.

80% Off Gift Certificates Code SUN

Through July 13th you can save 80% on gift certificates. This makes most $25 gift certificates just $2-$3.

2011 Entertainment Books $9.99 (50% Off)

Save 50% on the 2011 Entertainment book while the promo is going on. This is at least 50% off the regular price, and the book is full of coupons that can help you save even more money in your area. I keep mine in my car to have it handy when I need it.

70% Off Gift Certificates Code SHARE

Right now you can save 70% on gift certificates when you use the code SHARE at checkout. Through July 7

80% Off Gift Certificates Code SUMMER

For a couple more days you can save 80% on gift certificates when you enter the code SUMMER at checkout. This drops the $25 gift certificates to $2 - $3 (depending on their originally reduced price).  It's an amazing deal that lets you knock a considerable amount off your bill for a few bucks. The only catch is, the restaurant has to participate. I know people that go out and do this all the time and they never pay full price for their meals.

80% Off Gift Certificates Code SUMMER

Through June 30th you can get $25 gift certificates for $2 – $3 when you use the code SUMMER at checkout.

2011 Entertainment Books: $5 + Free Shipping When You Buy the new 2012 Book.

Double up on your Entertainment offers; select this years entertainment book for $5 when you buy the new 2012 book. Shipping is free. These make great gifts. I keep mine in the glove box of my car so that it is always available when I go out.

70% Off Gift Certificates Code DAD

Through June 21st you can save 70% on gift certificates when you use the code DAD at checkout. Take Dad out to dinner for father's day and spend a LOT less using these.

LAST DAY: 80% Off Gift Certificates. $25 for $2 - $3. Code DEAL

Today is the last day to take advantage of the current gift certificate promotion. Right now you can get $20 gift certificates for $2-$3 when you use the code DEAL at checkout. Don't forget the code or you won't get the deal. It'll be about a month before they run this promotion again, and this is the absolute lowest price they offer.

Buy Your Coffee via Amazon's Friday Sale to get significant discounts

I don't know if you are anything like me, but the last time I checked out at the grocery store, I was horrified by the total cost of my groceries. The coffee in particular was $10 (and I'm talking Maxwell house here, not my favorite brand of Starbucks). I've noticed that for the last few months Amazon has been running coffee discounts as part of their special Friday-only sales each week. Every week what's on sale is different, so if you don't see your brand this week, check back next. This week it looks like it's Senseo pods and Green Mountain K-cups.


80% Off Gift Certificates, $25 for $2 - $3 Use Code DEAL

Today through June 13th you have the opportunity to purchase gift certificates 80% off. This makes most of the $25 gift certificates $2-$3. These offers rotate out about once a month, so if you miss this sale it will be this time next month before it rolls around again.

Limited Time: Free 2011 Coupon Book When You Order the 2012 Book

For a little while longer you can still take advantage of the BOGO offer on the Entertainment books. The deal is: you get a free 2011 Entertainment Book when you order the 2012 book. I'm not sure how much longer this sale will last.

70% Off Gift Certificates Code DINNER

For the next two days you can take 70% off gift certificates when you use the code DINNER at checkout.

Free 2011 Coupon Book When You Reserve the 2012 Book

Wow! Right now you can get the 2011 Entertainment Book for free when you reserve your copy of the 2012 book.  This is a wonderful deal on an item that could save a ton of money over the year (especially over two years). I'm a big fan of it because they make nice gifts, and I can save on places near me. (As in , the coupons offered for the book in your area are not the same ones offered in my area). I keep my Entertainment book in my car so that it's handy when I need it.

Today Only: 1 Year of Wine Enthusiast for $4.39

Seriously, any dad that appreciates a great bottle of wine would love this. This is a one year subscription to Wine Enthusiast Magazine for $4.39 via Best Deal Magazines. It does not renew automatically. This is 85% off the regular news stand price.

40% Off Select Coffee, Today Only

As part of the regular Friday Sale, Amazon is offering select brands of coffee on sale up to 40% off. Orders over $25 ship free. You can sometimes stack subscribe and save with Amazon's grocery items to save an additional 15% and get free shipping no matter what your total is. I just go back into my account and turn the auto-ship off. It's a nice little savings bonus if you're willing to take the extra step. It looks like there is at least one K-cup included in this 40% off sale.

Buy One Get One Free For A Friend Entertainment Books $19.99 + Free Shipping has just released a great new offer in the Entertainment books. Right now they are offering them Buy-One Get One Free for $19.99. This is a great deal, but only if you use it. I keep mine in my car and never have a problem, it's always handy when I want it!