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DVDs Under $12, Movies Up to 72% Off has a nice selection of favorite and classic movies on sale up to 72% off right now. There is definitely something for everyone in this sale.

Best Buy Blu-ray Sale: Up to 60% off, deals from $5 + $2 s&h

Get blu-ray deals from $7 including shipping at Best Buy (via Dealnews) right now. While supplies last.

Crusade-Complete Series $18.99 + Free Shipping (68% Off)

In 2267 the Earth is quarantined, having been infected with a deadly plague by an attacking alien force. Scientists estimate that it will kill every inhabitant within 5 years, not nearly enough time for a cure to be developed. So the planet's only hope lies with the Excalibur, an advanced prototype starship sent out to search ancient alien ruins for their former inhabitant's secrets, hoping that somewhere out there a cure can be found. is featuring Crusade, the complete series on sale for $18.99 with free shipping. It was originally $59.98. (68% Off)

Veronica Mars-Complete 3rd Season $18.99 + Free Shipping (68% Off)

In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, California, Hearst College stands as a beacon of higher education. But within this idyllic and sun-drenched campus, higher education is not always what it appears. Between the beer-soaked dorm parties and the all-night cram sessions, the members of the student body are facing a terrifying threat. Luckily for them, freshman and part-time private investigator Veronica Mars is used to taking on a few extracurricular activities. has the complete third season of Veronica Mars on sale for $18.99 with free shipping. It's normally $59.98 (68% Off)

Greatest American Hero-Complete Series $11.99 + Free Shipping

Don't miss out on the small screen's biggest hero! William Katt stars as Ralph Hinkley, an ordinary school teacher who becomes extraordinary after an encounter with extraterrestrials which leaves him with a red power suit that transforms him into a superhero! But when he loses the suit's instruction manual, Ralph must learn by trial and error to control the capabilities and powers of his magic suit to fight the battle against injustice and crime. With the help of his attorney girlfriend Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca) and FBI agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), the world's most unlikely flying crime fighter gets tangled in one outrageous adventure after another!

This complete set normally sells for $29.98. It's on sale via for $11.99 with free shipping.

Fastlane-Complete Series $20.99 + Free Shipping (65% Off)

Van Ray and Deaq Hayes are cops, but they don't carry badges. They're more likely to carry a case full of Benjamins. Everything they need to fight high-end criminals, they get from the Candy Store -- the armory of toys and bling confiscated from busted crimelords and used to help the cops pass as legit criminals. From creators McG (the Charlie's Angels movies) and John McNamara (TV's The Fugitive) comes the undercover overdrive of Fastlane! Tiffani Thiessen plays the hip Candy Store overseer. Peter Facinelli and Bill Bellamy are Van and Deaq, who may have different 'tudes about movies, tunes and hotties but who agree that what's good is taking down the bad. Buckle up for their fast, 6-disc, 22-episode ride!

The complete Fastlane series usually sells for $59.98. if offering it up for $20.99 with free shipping for a limited time.

Discovery Chanel Summer DVD Sale: Save up to 75% on Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, Cake Boss & More

Right now the Discovery Channel is hosting a mega summer DVD sale. You can save up to 75% on popular seasons of your favorite Discovery shows including Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, Cake Boss, Deadliest Catch and more.

Wings of Freedom/Americas Fighting Jets (2-Pack) $8.99 + Free Shipping (77% Off)

Wings of Freedom is an adventure film that takes an in-depth, real life account of America’s finest flight squads of the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. Climb into the cockpit with the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds and take off on a whirlwind adventure through the sky at blazing speeds! has this 8 dvd set on sale for $8.99 with free shipping. Normal price is $39.99 before shipping.

FBI/CIA Declassified Films, 17 DVD Set $31.99 (64% Off + Free Shipping)

This enormous compilation brings into a single set 73 declassified documentary films from FBI and CIA files - films that remained proprietary for decades and decades, until they were formally deposited into the United States National Archives. The material in question traces the notorious careers of shadowy underworld figures including John Dillinger, 'Ma' Barker and Joseph Bonnano, discusses the logistics of spy crafts run by the United States government, discloses once-covert military operations that helped the U.S. win wars, and much more.

Sliders Seasons 1 and 2 Dual Dimension Edition $13 + Free Shipping (50% Off)

While supplies last, has Sliders Seasons 1 and 2 Dual Dimension Edition on sale for $13 (down from $26.98)+ Free Shipping (50% Off)

Looney Tunes Golden Collection $21.99 + Free Shipping (66% Off)

The Looney Tunes Golden Collection normally sells for $64.62. has it on sale for $21.99 + Free Shipping (66% Off)

Saturday Night Live (SNL)-Complete 2nd Season $18 + Free Shipping

Save 54% on Saturday Night Live (SNL)-Complete 2nd Season. It's normally $39.98, but has it listed for $18 + Free Shipping Blu-ray Blowout - All Under $10 is featuring a huge selection of Blu-ray movies on sale for less than $10. Complete your collection for less.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes Collection $8.05 Including Shipping (74% Off) is offering the Stephen King  "Nightmares and Dreamscapes Collection" on sale for $8.05 including shipping. (Orig. $19.98)

Flash-Complete Series $18.99 + Free Shipping (68% Off) is featuring the "Flash-Complete Series" on sale for $18.99 with free shipping. (Orig. $59.98)

Drew Carey Show-Complete 1st Season $14.99 + Free Shipping (62% Off) is offering the "Drew Carey Show-Complete 1st Season" on sale for $14.99 + Free Shipping (Orig. $39.98)

Blade-The Series-Season 1 $17.99 + Free Shipping is featuring "Blade-The Series-Season 1" on sale for $17.99 + Free Shipping. (Orig. $39.98)

The OC-Complete 1st Season $12.05 Including Shipping (81% Off) has The OC-Complete 1st Season on sale for $12.05 Including Shipping (81% Off). Normal price is $49.98.

55% Off New DVD & Blu-ray Offers

Amazon has a huge selection of Blu-ray and DVD offers on sale right now. Most are 55% off and there are a lot of new releases included in the sale. Family - Adult.

Royal Wedding Bells DVD $6.99 + Free Shipping (60% Off)

Today only, Target is offering a DVD of the royal wedding on sale for $5.99 with free shipping (60% Off).