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Croc Hair Styling Clips, Plastic Non Slip Salon Sectioning Clip $6

Every stylist needs clips to section and separate their client's hair for many types of processing. Holds large amounts of hair-Holds thin and thick hair out of the way while working and styling. Suitable for garden and household cleaning. It's idea hair clips for women, girls, hairdresser.

BESTOPE Eyelash Curler Professioner Lash Curler $6

Designed with professional in mind, BESTOPE beauty products are precision crafted, using only the highest quality materials. Preferred by celebrated makeup artists and beauty professionals worldwide, BESTOPE products are an essential for the beauty enthusiast who desires exert results.

2 Pack Easy Carry Divided Vitamin Medicine Box Pill Case $10

Compact divided pillbox but has 6 separated small rooms which is a nice pocket pill container for school children. Great ideal sorters which can hold up one week days medicine for traveling. Sleek and tidy small compartments design can also be used as a AM / PM day pill organizer.

Wazor Ionic Ceramic Mini Blow Dryer with Cool Button $15

Mini 1000 watts body hair dryer, perfect choice for travel as it is small, compact. Perfectly designed for travelling, Professional quality with compact design, this Wazor mini hair dryer is lightweight and at only half the size of a regular hairdryer it is compact enough to be taken in a carry-on bag.

Travel Silicone Bottles Set with Toiletry Bag by AusKit $18

This travel squeeze bottle set with Lanyard is perfect for anyone who wants to balance small shampoo bottles on tiny ledges in campground showers, or goes to the gym or pool and has to put their products on the floor! The hook also allows you to clip the sling on itself around towel bars or handicap bars.

Sleep Mask, 3D Contoured Silky Eye Shades, Breathe-Easy $8

Have you ever struggled to sleep at night because of the bright street lamps, or tried to take a nap at noon only to find the sunlight through the window too disturbing? With the PLEMO Sleep Mask, a good night's sleep or a relaxing daytime snooze will never be a luxury.

Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone Callus Remover Brush $7

Pumice stone brush combo gently removes callus, exfoliates and deeply cleanses your feet. Get your feet ready for summer - no more dried, cracked and dirty looking feet. Easy to store, just use the rope to hang the pumice stone in-between uses.

IBEET Silicone Makeup Sponge, Flawless Foundation $6

The Original Silicone Sponge by UltimateBeauty is designed to provide a flawless, airbrushed makeup application using 50% less product. Unlike traditional sponge puff which absorbs over 50% of your makeup, this new silicone puff will not eat your makeup.

Cymas 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror, Warm LED Lighted $22

Adjustable LED light provides the most accurate natural light, perfect lighting for makeup or shaving. Never over brightness or too dim. Just press the button for seconds. Easy to focus in on every pore of your face - perfect for makeup, tweezing, shaving, removing blackhead etc.

Personal Manicure & Pedicure Travel & Grooming Kit 12 in 1 $10

Full-function 12 items Professional Manicure Kit in the Case. 12 Pcs of manicure tools, including 3 nail clippers/trimmers of different sizes, 1 multi-purpose scissors, 1 blackhead needle and loop remover, 1 cuticle trimmer, 1 ear pick, 1 eyebrow tweezers, 1 nail file, 1 peeling knife, 1 singled-edged double side stick, 1 V-shaped push stick Great for travel or even at home & easy to carry.

Anjou Cellulite Cream 16 oz with L-Carnitine $14

The right product can reduce cellulite with minimal effort. Anjou Cellulite Cream combines cellulite-reducing ingredients with all-natural essential oils and L- Carnitine (amino acids that convert fat into energy) for double action on getting rid of your cellulite and give back your firm and healthy skin as quick as possible – safely and efficiently.

Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Display $27

This scale is auto-calibrated, so you simply step on its large tempered glass platform and receive immediate results displayed on a sizeable backlit LCD display. Sophisticated sensors ensure that your results are within 0.2 lbs. of whatever is being weighed, ensuring accurate weight measurement time after time.

DUDE Wipes, Flushable Single Wipes $16

DUDE Wipes have famously popularized using flushable wet wipes instead of toilet paper. As seen on Shark Tank, they are perfect for travel and TSA approved. You should never really leave home without them. Use them on your face, pits, and other DUDE regions too.

Waterpik WP-360 Waterflosser $37

The Waterpik WP-360 Waterflosser is twice as effective as string floss for improving gum health. Rechargeable water flosser features convenient, hand-held design with two tips, the High-Pressure Classic Jet Tip and the Low-Pressure Classic Jet Tip.

Body Benefits by Body Image Natural Bristle Bath Brush $3

With its long handle, this Body Benefits by Body Image Bristle Bath Brush can help to clean hard-to-reach areas of the body like the shoulders and back. This Body Bath Brush revitalizes skin with its soft and natural bristles. Skin can appear softer and healthier looking with this Natural Bristle Body Brush.

Cardamom Chai Spiced Black Tea, Premium Assam $9

A classic traditional Indian chai prepared by blending a strong 100% Assam origin black tea with crushed long cardamom pods. The cardamom has been procured fresh from from the state of Kerala in southern India which is known to produce some of the finest cardamoms in the world.

First Aid 3 Day Survival Kit with Emergency Food $27

Be prepared with the Camilus Knives 3-Day Survival Kit. This trusty kit has everything you need to survive in an emergency or disaster situation until help arrives. Inside the durable zip-up pouch is a fully stocked 73-piece first aid and survival kit. This item includes enough food and water to keep one person alive for up to three days.

Vitamin C Serum for Face, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle Serum $10

Best Vitamin C Serum for face: Anjou Vitamin C Serum provides your skin with 20% pure anti-oxidant vitamins. Its age-aging formula effectively reduces dark spots, boosts collagen, and restores skin's vitality.

Self Cleaning Hair Brush, Easy Clean Detangle $20

The Qwik-Clean Brush has a unique bristle retraction system that instantly releases trapped hair to keep the brush hygienic and make it a breeze to keep clean. In contrast, standard hair brushes often trap hair, dried up product and harmful bacteria that must be cleaned with bristles extended outward which often causes bristle damage and difficulty removing trapped hair.

Red Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer Professional $28

The Red Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer with United States Regulator FDA Approved using the Advanced Infrared Technology is capable of accompanying your child from baby to adulthood, has all the features you could ever want in a thermometer.