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BearMoo Brush Hair Straightener for Silky Frizz-free Hair $40

MCH heating technology for a maximum temperature of 450℉ within 30 seconds, straightening hair quicker and better. Releases rich negative ions to maximize the styling effect, make hair shinier and smoother. Also features a 360 rotatable wire joint to prevent wire twining. Strictly inspected to guarantee their reliability and stability, and approved by FCC, CE, ROHS.

Corewill Personal Manicure & Pedicure Grooming Kit $10

High-quality stainless steel items. Kit includes 12 pcs of manicure tools including 3 nail clippers, trimmers of different sizes, 1 multipurpose scissors, 1 pliers, 1 ear pick, 1 cuticle trimmer, 1 eyebrow tweezer, 1 cuticle knife, 1 nail file, 1 acne needle, and 1 dirt cleaning suppository. Comes in a portable and protective synthetic leather case making each tool well-protected.

Travel Makeup Brush Set with Synthetic and Goat Hair $16

Inspired by luxury, engineered for maximum quality. This Ducare makeup brush set will leave you with a flawless finish without hurting your wallet. The bristle material is non-toxic synthetic fiber and goat hair while the handle is a coated wood. The 8 Pcs. makeup brush set comes with a classy and luxurious bag.

Bath Bombs Gift Set by Anjou, 6 x 3.5 Oz Lush Bath Bombs $13

Anjou bath bombs are made exclusively of natural materials that undergo strict controls when it comes to quality as well as origin. Treat yourself to a colorful and healthy bath with no artificial flavors or colors to speak of.

2-in-1 Professional Digital Electric Straightener Comb $37

Go ahead - plug it in and watch the LCD digital display show the temperature rising in seconds! Adjust it to your comfortable temperature. Feel the softer silicone tips touching and massaging your scalp. Now run the brush along the full length of your hair strand. You will love how it glides through with ease leaving your hair sleek and beautiful.

OPI and Essie Nail Polish $7

Turn your cuticles into cute-icles! Choose OPI and Essie nail polish in assorted colors.

LED Multicolor Light Flashing Fiber Optic Hair Braid Barrettes $10

Add a splash of color to your next festivity and adorn your hair with bright and vivid LED hair extensions. This fun and interactive hair accessory will give you the glow you need to stand out of the crowd. Easily clip the LED hair extensions in your hair and flip the power switch to luminously paint your hair in shades of blue, green, red, purple and yellow!

Anjou Cellulite Cream with L-Carnitine 16oz $18

Anjou Cellulite Cream combines cellulite-reducing ingredients with all-natural essential oils and L- Carnitine (amino acids that convert fat into energy) for double action on getting rid of your cellulite and give back your firm and healthy skin as quick as possible - safely and efficiently.

Hempz Original Herbal Sugar Body Scrub, 7.3 Oz $8

Enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil and blended with natural sugar crystals to polish and gently lift away dull and rough skin. Hemp seed oil is one of nature's richest sources of essential fatty acids and key amino acids containing natural proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are vital for healthy skin conditioning.

FANTCEN Makeup Brush Set Vintage Makeup Set $18

Set includes 5 types of brushes - Angled, Round, Flat, Flame, and Oblique to provide a variety of makeup application styles. Materials used are synthetic hair for the brush and bamboo for the handle. These makeup brushes are silky soft. Perfect for both beginners and professional makeup artists! Comes with a simple but classic designed environmental bag.

Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair, Face, Skin, Body & Nails $11

Anjou Argan Oil comes from only the best Argan nuts in Morocco, hand cracked and cold pressed into Argan oil with nothing extra added or taken away. It's easily absorbed, full of vitamin E, antioxidants, and powerful fatty acid. Argan oil moisturizes skin and body, softens wrinkles, and protects you from harmful toxins and sunlight.

Avia Heel Relief Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insole, Women's 6-10 $9

For ultimate heel relief and support! Specially designed to relieve heel pain, these insoles also add comfort and stability to any shoe. Contouring memory foam retains 99% of its shape.

Qwik-CleanBrush Self-Cleaning Hairbrush $20

The Qwik-Clean Brush has a unique bristle retraction system that instantly releases trapped hair to keep the brush hygienic making it a breeze to keep your hairbrush clean. In contrast, standard hair brushes often trap hair, dried up product, and harmful bacteria which often causes bristle damage and difficulty when removing trapped hair.

Neeshow Compact Pill Case 6 Compartments in Green $9

Each compartment lid can be labeled. You will easily know which pill you are taking when the lids are labeled. Fully sealed gasket makes pill box waterproof and air tight. Container size - 4in L x 2.5in W x 1.3in H, made of plastic, and comes with six compartments.

Spenco 2nd Skin Squares, 200 Gel Squares $21

Protect against skin pressure, friction, chafing, and blisters. Made mostly from water to cool and soothe on contact - won't stick to the skin. Non-sterile. Best for general use in clinics, training rooms, and first aid stations. 200 square counts.

Cheeky Gentleman Blue Stripe Grooming Kit $17

Never travel without this kit of essentials. It's stylish and fun to give as a gift for any guy that leaves the home. This kit contains 1 scissor, 1 nail file, 1 razor, 1 razor blade, 1 set of tweezers, and 1 nail cutter. It's sleek and compact, making it easy to bring along on your travels.

USpicy Hair Straightener Brush with Heat Resistant Glove $32

Straight and frizz-free hair in just several minutes, ceramic plate heats up to 450℉/230℃ to make hair shinier and smoother. 7 temperature levels to suit a variety of hair types. Features an auto-shut off timer and an auto button lock. Comes with an anti-scald design with heat insulation tips, fully rotatable wire joint to prevent wire twining and gives you a smooth experience every time.

Reusable Hot/Cold Neck & Shoulder Pad $18

Specially designed to fit around the shoulders and neck, the Shoulder Pad provides up to two hours of heat before gradually cooling down. The Pleasure Pad can also be supplied with a cloth pouch, retaining heat for longer, whilst enabling the pad to strapped to specific areas of the body without constricting mobility. Available in 6 colors.

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