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Indoor/Outdoor Casual Area Rug from $40

The Carrera collection is machine woven of 100% polypropylene featuring a high/low effect utilizing textured, tri-colored yarn in a multi-level cut pile and flat weave construction. Exquisitely detailed, this rug can be used inside the home as well as outdoors. Available in a variety of patterns and sizes.

Outdoor Cotton Hammocks Double 2 Person 330lbs $15

Excellent Capacity: this item consists of 1 hammock made of durable woven cotton fabric, strong ropes and 2 sturdy ropes, which affords 150kg/ 330 lbs. weight capacity and is super sturdy and very secure to use.

Savvy Glamping Large Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket $21

Just fold this mat up and throw the carry strap over your shoulder! Our portable design makes lounging anywhere, anytime, easier than ever. It even has a storage pocket to carry whatever you need. Anyone with a love for the great outdoors will love this.

Father’s Day Gift: Shop-Vac 1.5-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum $31

The HangOn vacs are lightweight and portable, can be used for quick wet or dry cleanups in the house, garage, vehicles. Includes wall mount bracket for vacuum and accessories. Collapsible top carry handle. Filters are reusable, disc filter and foam sleeve.

Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Velcro $15

If you've tried other flimsy magnetic screen doors before, you'll notice the difference right away. #1 Best Screen has toughest, heavy mesh construction. Mosquitos and biting bugs stand no chance. Made from premium mesh. Strong Magnets and Magnet strips.

Ferlin Picnic Backpack for 4 With Cooler Compartment $47

Cooler compartment to store your food and keep the food fresh and cooler for longer. An insulated detachable bottle/wine cooler to carry a bottle of wine securely.

Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Bench $49

Kids Wooden Picnic Bench with a beautiful and timeless design that let the kids enjoy the company of their friends and siblings in style.

Gap Storage Slim Slide Out Tower Rack Shelf with Wheels $23

Made of high quality plastic. Easy to clean and easy to assemble. On wheels, with a handle, easy to move or slide in/out in a narrow space. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, this space saver will make full use of space in your room. Keep your everything organized and tidy.

Clear Glass Apothecary Jars, Storage Bottles - 3 Pieces $25

Set of 3 elegantly designed hand blown glass Apothecary Jars. Each of these lidded storage bottles can be used to hold spices and treats in the kitchen, candies and decorative items in the living room, and toiletries in the bathroom.

Geometric Terrarium Modern Clear Glass Pyramid $20

Plants not included. Elegant glass pyramid shaped terrarium is perfect for holding plants or other objects, and can serve as a stylish and modern centerpiece by itself. Features an elegant and minimalist pyramid shape with a metal frame, glass walls.

Wake-up Light, Sunrise Sunset Simulation Alarm Clock $26

Sunrise simulation wake-up light -- - 30 minutes before your alarm time, the light brightens gradually from 10% of brightness to 100% to bring you out of deep sleep gently to welcome a refreshed day. With the snooze function, wake up sound will play after 5 minutes.

Boston Warehouse Tablet Holder & Cookbook Stand $12

The Boston Warehouse Tablet Holder & Cookbook Stand keeps your cookbook or tablet elevated while cooking to avoid spills and messy ingredients. Easel back keeps stand at an angle, easier to follow a recipe while cooking; folds for compact storage. Compatible with most electronic devices. Available in 2 styles.

Trolley Dolly Rolling Foldable Cart $25

The Trolley Dolly has a large comfortable cushion handle reducing the shock when it is being pulled. The oversize beefy wheels allow for smooth rolling on any surface, even uneven paths. It has a removable shopping bag which features seven compartments and pockets including beverage holder. Remove the shopping bag and the Trolley transforms into a Dolly.

SereneLife Outdoor Bug Zapper Trap $36

The SereneLife Outdoor Bug Zappers effectively eliminates unwanted bugs in your living space. Place the unit on porches, decks and patios for hassle-free pest control. The built-in UV light attracts insects and zaps them right in their tracks, no harmful chemicals or repellents necessary.

Rubber Door Wedge Stopper Baby Safe Stainless Steel 2-Pack $10

They are Strong, Flexible Grip, whether it is tile, concrete or wooden floor, these stoppers will stop your door from moving. Secure open doors at home, office or any other place, keeping you and your family, kids, babies, pets safe from slamming doors.

Dual Voltage Travel Steam Iron w/ Stainless Steel Soleplate $12

Dual voltage system 115 Volt/230 Volt is designed for travel. Burst of steam helps remove stubborn wrinkles and clean iron steam vents. The Folding Handle of the compact design are convenient for storage and portable.

Ferlin Picnic Backpack for 4 With Cooler Compartment $47

Cater for 4 person, Set Includes 4×(stainless steel knives, forks, spoons, dinner plates, cotton napkins, wine glasses ) & 1×cheese/butter knife & 1×bottle opener & 2×Salt/pepper shakers & 1×plastic chopping board & 45 Inch x 53 Inch fleece blanket with waterproof backing.

Lawn Aerator Shoes with 4 Adjustable Straps $25

Grass is one of the only plants in our landscaping that we actively walk on. We use our lawns for lounging, playing, etc. We also have to regularly mow the grass. As the time change, the soil under our lawns gets compacted and becomes less healthy.

Stainless Steel Towel Hook with 6 Heavy Duty Hooks $14

The finest brushed surface is of smooth touch. Minimalist Looking & Stylish, compatible with any other modern designed home decor for Bedroom, Bathroom, Foyers, Hallways, Great Home, Office Storage & Organization to hold a wide variety of items: coats, hats, handbags, etc.

PURELL TFX Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser $12

PUDue to its optimized blend of ingredients, PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer can be used up to one hundred times daily without harming skin. This makes it the right choice for any environment: especially large scale public settings such as hospitals, office buildings, schools.