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Cozyna French Press Coffee Maker $16

The Cozyna French press coffee maker is designed with a: - Heat resistant borosilicate glass French press carafe - 3-part French press stainless steel plunger which features a stainless steel metal French press mesh filter, allowing for a premium extraction of aromatic oils and subtle flavors from your French press coffee.

Large LCD Digital Cooking Kitchen Food Thermometer $16

The ThermoPro TP-16 food thermometer allows an experienced or inexperienced cook to measure the internal temperature of their meat, accurately and quickly. With the STEP-DOWN probe tip design and LCD display, getting and seeing an accurate temperature is simple.

Cake Pan | Non-Stick Steel 8-Inch Square Baking Pan $30

Non-stick surface won't leave a mess and is simple to clean. Perfect design to professional standards, including wide handles and silicone grips. Heavy gauge steel is durable and heat-efficient. 8” size is the standard size for most recipes, this will be your new favorite cookware! Safe in oven up to 500°F, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit $85

The FoodSaver V3240 (V3200 Series) Vacuum Sealing System keeps food fresh up to five times longer than ordinary storage methods and prevents freezer burn. This system removes air and moisture from specially-designed, multi-layer bags while sealing in flavor so that your food tastes as if it was bought yesterday even after being in the freezer for months.

Hamilton Beach Portable Slow Cooker $26

Looking for portability? Hamilton Beach 5 Quart Slow Cookers include easy-grip handles for convenient carrying, and some models come complete with a Lid Latch strap for easy transport. A variety of delicious, easy-prep recipes are included, and the removable stoneware is dishwasher safe.

Happy Sales Cast Iron Sizzling Steak Plate Large $20

Large Cast Iron Sizzling Steak Plate with Wooden Base. For cooking Fajita or Steak at Home. Heavy Cast Iron Construction Happy Sales. Cast Iron Sizzling Steak Plate Large. Material: Cast Iron Plate and Picker, wooden Base Dimensions: Plate: 10-3/4 X 7 X 7/8 inches Base : 12-1/2 X 7-1/4 X 5/8 inches.

Oster Expressbake Bread Machine with 13-Hour Delay $73

Fresh-baked bread is a favorite in every home, gently filling the air with an enticing aroma and satisfying everyone's taste buds. This electric bread maker bakes a 2-pound loaf in less than an hour with the EXPRESSBAKE cycle. Use the 13-hour delay timer for customized bake time.

Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher $48

Simply the best water pitcher you can buy for drinking, cooking, plants and pets. Stop putting up with contaminants in your tap water. By using a Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, your water becomes 99.99% free of contaminants including Chlorine, Chemicals, Heavy Metals and more. Our pitcher is built using 100% BPA Free materials.

Mr. Coffee K-Cup System with Reusable Grounds Filter $44

It’s so easy to use, you simply add fresh water into reservoir, insert desired K-Cup Pod and press the brew button. Or, if you prefer to brew with your own grounds, use the My Grounds Reusable Filter included with purchase. Fresh, hot coffee brews right into your cup or mug and there's no mess left to clean.

Oster Pro Blender 2-in-1 with Food Processor Attachment $58

You can make everything fresh and delicious with the Oster Pro 1200 Plus' versatility and performance. The powerful motor will impress any chef as it blends through ice, greens, frozen ingredients and more. Starting up with an extra boost at 1200 power watts, it works with blending force to smoothly and continuously create the consistency you need.

Oster Convection Oven with Dedicated Pizza Drawer $67

Bake, broil, toast and more with the Oster Convection Oven with Pizza Drawer. Specially-designed pizza drawer is ideal for preparing a variety of foods such as pizzas up to 12”, bruschetta and quesadillas. The top oven features turbo convection baking technology to cook faster and brown food more evenly for perfect results.

Oster DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Grill $24

This Oster Panini maker and Grill is designed with a unique and innovative Dura Ceramic non-stick coating that last 4X longer than standard non-stick coatings and won't flake or peel. The Dura Ceramic surface provides exceptional non-stick performance and lasting durability. The safe and natural ceramic coating is PFOA and PTFE free as well, so you can grill with no worries.

Contigo AUTOSPOUT Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottle $15

Whether you're playing volleyball on the beach or slaving over the stove in a hot kitchen, Ashland Chill makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day. Not only will your drink stay icy cold for up to 18 hours but you'll also have a free hand because of its simple one handed operation.

12-inch and 9-inch Stainless-steel Locking Kitchen Tongs $13

DRAGONN Kitchen Tongs, 12 and 9 inches long meaning that you can easily lift or flip hot food at a safe distance from your hands with little risk of burns. The stylish non-slip rubber handles give you the perfect grip for the comfort and safety you need. - A simple and unique locking mechanism means you can simply click the tongs closed and slip them in a drawer for space saving storage.

Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine $44

Fresh-baked bread is a favorite in every home, gently filling the air with an enticing aroma and satisfying everyone's taste buds. This electric bread maker bakes a 2-pound loaf in less than an hour with the EXPRESSBAKE cycle. Use the 13-hour delay timer for customized bake time.

Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Water Dispenser $156

The state of the art, bottom loading technology allows for a spill-free environment in your home or office. Bottle installation is simple and quick, and thanks to its low location reduces the need for strenuous lifting and awkward maneuvering.

Chef'n Emulstir 2.0, Salad Dressing Mixer $7

The Emulstir is the ideal way to mix up your favorite homemade salad dressing and store the mixture without the hassle of separation. Infuse vinegars, oils, and seasonings into your dressing evenly with the twisted stir stick. To create a delicious homemade dressing, simply add your favorite ingredients to the Emulstir and squeeze the handle to mix completely.

Hamilton Beach Portable Slow Cooker $26

Hamilton Beach 5 Quart Slow Cookers are ideal for minimizing weeknight stress — delicious meals practically cook themselves, with no stirring required. The 5-quart oval stoneware handles a 3-pound beef roast or a 5-pound chicken. The design ensures wraparound, even heat for beautifully blended flavors and tender meat.

Spiral Vegetable Slicer $14

The vegetable twister turns ordinary veggies into spaghetti or endless spirals. It is easy to use, just slide veggie on twister screw, screw on slicer and turn for astonishing garnishes. Double sided blades create two different Julienne sizes.

Fiesta 8-Piece Decal Cutlery Set $10

From Fiesta, bring a dash of color to food preparation with the unique design of this 8-piece cutlery set - featuring fun decals for added pop.