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Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener $23

This attractive Electric Wine Bottle opener features a stainless steel housing with a transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism, no guess work needed. Built-in rechargeable battery, opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge; simple push-button operation.

Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12.5 inch) by Utopia Kitchen $25

Its superior heat retention will keep your mouth watering food warm for a long time. Allow cast iron skillet to cool completely before washing them in hot soapy water with a sponge using regular dishwashing liquid soap.

Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner $50

Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity - standard in all homes; Lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage Digital control panel. Built-in count-down digital timer with 1 min increments up to 170 minutes.

Emerson Portable Ice Maker $70

Portable ice makers allow you to quickly to make ice in the convenience of your own home. Make over 20 pounds of ice in 24 hours. The high-efficiency compressor offers low noise operation, so you can make ice quietly.

Teakhaus Gourmet Edge Grain Chopping & Serving Board $30

This gourmet chopping board features a unique shape and stunning edge grain. Perfect for culinary prep and beautiful serving.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System $90

The FoodSaver 4925 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System keeps food fresh up to 5x longer. Fully-automatic operation uses exclusive technology to automatically sense the bag and food-type to create a perfect, air-tight seal. The innovative 4925 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System combines both heat-seal and handheld vacuuming capabilities in one unit.

Grind and Brew Automatic Drip Coffee Maker $80

The Keyton Stainless Steel Coffee Maker with Grinder is a highly innovative Coffee Brewing Machine. The machine will grind and brew your coffee to perfection. Choose your own grinding options from coarse to fine powder, then choose the brewing strength of the coffee from 3 options. Also, enjoy the option to skip the grinding process if you are brewing readymade powder.

Xpatee 3-piece 600ºF Heat-Resistant Silicone Spatula $10

3-Piece Spatula Set includes 1 small spatula, 1 large spatula and 1 large spoon spatula. Our BPA Free and FDA Approved Silicone is safe for Coated & Non-stick Cookware and perfect for use with hot foods and around the cook top.

Japanese Sake Set, a bottle”Tokkuri” and a cup ”Ochoko” $22

The sake server, known as tokkuri [徳利] in Japanese, has an elegant curve and a thin neck. As sake can be consumed both warm and cold, the narrow neck serves to prevent the warmth or cold escaping. The sake cup, known as ochoko [おちょこ] in Japanese, is a small bowl shaped cup.

Kootek 42 Pieces Cake Decorating Supplies Kit $12

Cake decorating supplies kits: 36 stainless steel icing tips, 2 reusable silicone pastry bag, 2 reusable plastic couplers, 2 flower nails, with which you can create all types of patterns on cake, cupcakes. Decorating patterns: 11 open star tips, 7 closed star tips, 3 french tips, 3 round tips, 2 plain tips, 4 leaf tips, 3 rose petal tips, 3 special tips.

Joseph Joseph Double Dish Serving Bowl $12

Cleverly designed snack dish perfect for serving shelled nuts, olives, cherries, and edamame beans. Removable top dish for serving snacks. Larger bottom dish allows you to discard shells and pits, out of sight and out of the way.

One Touch Handheld Electric Milk Coffee Frother $10

High Quality & Stylish - This handheld electric milk frother has durable stainless steel whisk and lightweight plastic handle for comfortable operation . Convenient - This professional electric foam maker powered by 2*AA batteries (included), so no annoying electric cord needed. Also space-saving with an included, delicate stand.

Oster Hali Steamer Set with Lid for Stovetop Use $20

3 Qtr. stainless steel steamer for use on your stove top. Perfect for steaming vegetables and cooking rice at the same time as well as re-steaming tamales as leftovers. Smaller size than traditional stockpot steamers for smaller gatherings and space-saving.

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Peeler Set $11

Be prepared for any meal with this 3 piece set, featuring the Serrated Peeler, Swivel Peeler and Julienne Peeler. Each peeler has a soft, comfortable grip that is non-slip, even when wet, making them the perfect kitchen companions.

22-in-1 Cupcake Frosting Icing Piping Tips and Bags Set $12

With 4 jumbo tips, 12 regular tips, 1 bismarck tip, 2 reusable pastry bags, 2 reusable plastic couplers, 1 cleaning brush, and tip chart, this cake decorating tip set will surely exceed your expectation as a novice baker or a professional pastry chef.

OXO Steel Salad Spinner $37

Easy, one-handed operation; Patented pump mechanism and brake button. Clear lid lets you see inside and comes apart for easy cleaning. Soft, non-slip knob locks down for convenient storage. Non-slip base keeps stainless steel bowl steady on countertop.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit $56

Let your FoodSaver System take the guesswork out of smart shopping – buy in bulk and see all the savings by safely sealing and freezing meats, cheeses, vegetables, even soups and sauces. FoodSaver Bags and Rolls are designed to give you full control of your savings.

Ceramic Cooking Plate $38

Make your life easy and portable with the Kalorik Stainless Steel Ceramic Cooking Plate. This handy and portable appliance offers exceptional convenience in a dorm room, apartment, while traveling, or as an extra cooking aide in your home. This single cooking plate has stainless steel housing and ceramic cooking surface which makes it very easy to clean.

Kalorik 2-in-1 S'mores Maker $40

Do it all with the Stainless Steel Kalorik 2-in1 S’mores Maker with Chocolate Fondue Function! The unit’s central, stainless steel heating element sits atop a base that features 4 removable storage compartments. Roast your marshmallows to perfection and make s’mores from the great indoors!

Greenco Chrome Paper Towel Holder (Pack of 2) $13

Add a modern touch to your kitchen with the Greenco paper towel holder. This sturdy metal holder looks great on your countertop while it keeps paper towels within easy reach. Accommodates all sizes of paper towel rolls. Made of durable metal and chrome finish wire.