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All Natural Himalayan Salt Grilling Slab $16

FDA approved seasoning block for cooking and serving! This Himalayan salt slab is the perfect way to season your food while you cook. Preheat on the grill and cook your food right on top for moist, flavorful results. You can also chill the block to use as a serving dish for cold appetizers.

Chef's Star Cooking Gloves Germ & Heat Resistant $11

Pure silicone gloves with One-Size-Fits-Most design, built to last, BPA-free and FDA approved. Heat resistant up to temperatures of 425 degrees Fahrenheit and feature our innovative five-finger no slip design. Germ resistant and are very easy to clean. It's dishwasher safe as well. Perfect for any job in or outside of the kitchen including cleaning, baking, BBQ, and grilling.

DeBuyer Mineral B Element Round Iron Frypan $47

This pan is eco-friendly and 100% natural. It's made of 99% pure iron and bee wax for finishing to fight against oxidation while helping season the pan. This pan is excellent for searing, browning, and grilling. The more the pan is used and the darker it gets, the better the performance - because the pan creates its own natural non-stick surface.

Fit & Fresh Smart Portion 1/2 Cup Chilled Containers $7

This set of 4 one-half cup containers is perfect for small portions! Convenient measurement markings on the sides make it simple to pack the right portion. Snap the reusable ice pack into the lids to keep contents chilled. Set comes with (4) 1/2 cup containers, (4) lids, and (2) non-toxic ice packs.

8-Pc Taco Night Tools Set $28

The Jokari 8 Piece Taco Night Preparation Tools Set includes: a stainless steel Cheese Grater with plastic bin; 4 Taco Stands that hold hard or soft tacos; a Bean Masher that can also be used for fruit, vegetables, potatoes and tenderizing meat; a Pepper Tool to remove seeds and stems from peppers; and one Multi-Function Avocado Tool that opens, pits, slices, scoops and mashes avocados.

Bamboo Index Cutting Boards Set with Non-Slip Base $22

The best and safest way to cook, our bamboo cutting boards come with tabs for meat, poultry, fish, and produce to protect against cross-contamination. A non-slip stand is included to guarantee easy storage. Bamboo is all natural, BPA and Phthalate free, and easy to wash.

Konitz Coffee Bar Espresso Doppio Cups & Saucers, Set of 4 $12

Each style of white porcelain cups has been meticulously crafted, in collaboration with international baristas, to suit a specific style of coffee beverage. These espresso doppio cups ensure the perfect formation of crema (the thin layer of foam on top of espresso) and allow the espresso to develop its full aroma. 3 oz. espresso cups hold two shots of espresso.

Vitamix Blender, Platinum (Certified Refurbished) $249

With three pre-programmed settings for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts! Automatically process whole-food recipes with the turn of a dial. An ultra-responsive Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature give you complete control over every texture. Increase the speed for purées, or use a combination of a low variable speed and the Pulse feature for chopping.

FoodSaver Multi-Pack Starter Kit $19

This convenient multi pack will get you started. Seals in freshness by locking out air and moisture. Bags prevent freezer burn and are microwave safe.

Telescoping Hot Dog & Smores Fork Set $13

From hot dogs to s'mores, having the right utensils while you're camping in the great outdoors (or the backyard) is a must! Using high-quality stainless steel and a dependable hold in each layer of our 34-inch telescopic reach, we make sure you cook your goodies evenly, without worrying about your hand getting too hot.

Besiva Knife Sharpener with Coarse & Extra-Fine Sharpening System $11

The solid ABS plastic body with slip-resistant rubber bottom mean your sharpener is easy to handle and stays in place during use. Slot 1 is for coarse that quickly sharpen dull or damaged knives with just a few pulls, slot 2 for fine that are ideal for finishing and polishing the edge. Simply draw the knife through each slot a few times to achieve a razor-sharp edge.

Jaxx FitPak with Portion Control Container Set $28

Set includes (6) leak-proof containers [ (2) 1 cup containers and (4) 2 cup containers], a Patented Jaxx Shaker Cup, a Pocket Vitamin Pack and a large ice pack all inside an insulated bag. Pack a protein shake, a whole days worth of portion controlled meals and even your daily doses of vitamins and supplements all in one conveniently sized insulated bag.

Besiva Stainless Steel Julienne & Vegetable Peeler $11

Dual razor-sharp blades, one blade to peel vegetables and the other one to slice them into long strips. Be a professional chef with no mess or hassle! Buy with confidence, we offer a full money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Savvy Coffee Handheld Milk Frother Wand with Stand $11

We combine an easy to clean brushed stainless steel stem and a unique frothing coil that utilizes the latest in silent running high-speed motors . Begin saving money by creating the drinks you want right in your own kitchen. It's perfect for hot chocolates, emulsified dressings, frosty frothy milkshakes, and even works at whipping cream and eggs!

Fit & Fresh Ladies Insulated Lunch Bag with Ice Pack $13

Our Downtown insulated lunch bag offers a compact and convenient way to transport your healthy meals to work or class. Made of a durable and easy to clean 12oz cotton exterior with two short straps that allow you to quickly pick up the bag and go. A wire frame makes the bag easily expand to fit your favorite Fit & Fresh containers and water bottle.

All-Inclusive Drinking Tumbler Accessory Kit $16

This YETI accessory set includes 4 bent Straws, a handle with non-slip, comfortable silicone accents, a spill proof locking lid and a cleaning brush. A TUMBLER IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS SET. All accessories fit 30 oz. YETI tumblers as well as generic 30 oz. tumblers. The straws are 6mm in diameter, will fit the original YETI lid and are long enough for any 30 oz tumbler.

Cuisinart Classic Stainless 14-Piece Cookware Set $148

This deluxe set includes saucepans large and small and a universal steamer insert for endless meal options. The 10" skillet comes with its own tightfitting lid to let cooks lock in flavor and texture after frying or browning foods, and an 8" non-stick skillet provides added convenience for easy food release.

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale 11lb/5kg $10

Save energy through the efficiency of automated measurement and rapid unit conversion. The scale can measure ingredients and objects in pounds, ounces, grams, milliliters and flow ounces. The digital scale also features preset milk and water measurement mode that takes the density of the liquid into account in order to calculate reliable results with each use.

Sharkk Basics Mini Personal Blender + Two 20 oz Sports Bottles $38

You will love the overall sleek, yet light, compact design that makes it perfect for your everyday use whether at home or during travel. Powerful 300-watt stainless steel blades easily and effortlessly blend fruits and other ingredients in a matter of minutes. What really makes this blender special is that after watching the blender mix your drink you can remove it and take it with you!

C.R. Gibson Lolita Acrylic Wine Drinkware Set $14

Set of 2 break-resistant, BPA free, acrylic wine glasses. Each glass measures approximately 3.5 X 8.75-inches and holds 17-ounces liquid. Signature Lolita wine cocktail recipe printed on the underside of stems includes lime wedges, granulated sugar, ice cubes and cachaca white rum. Stylish acrylic partyware to-go so you can have a party anywhere, anytime!