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Glitzi Globes Mega Dome Maker $10

The Glitzi Globes Mega Dome Maker is the ultimate kit for the Glitzi Chick! This kit comes complete with one mega globe to make everything girls need to create up to four Globes, including three large character pieces, seven small character pieces, four small domes, two sticks, twelve floating charms, five small glitter tablets, two big glitter tablets and an instruction manual.

5-Pack Slinky Jr. $7

Smaller versions of the original metal Slinky! For 70 years Slinky has captivated children and adults all over the world. Slinky Toys provide endless fun and this 5-pack includes individually boxed Slinkys making them perfect to keep for prizes, rewards, and surprise visitors. Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.

Guy Gear Rip and Stick Duct Tape Wallet Kit $9

The ALEX Toys - Craft, Guy Gear, Rip & Stick Duct Tape Wallet Kit, lets kids create a unique and fun fashion statement. Duct tape has become a huge crafting trend and this kit has everything kids need to make their very own wallet. Kit includes (5) rolls of duct tape (3-yards each), non-stick paper, stencil sheet, pre-cut fabric and easy instructions. Plus a see-through pocket for an ID!

Star Wars Episode VII Giant Art Activity Set $15

This giant art collection includes two activity books, a watercolor tray with 10 watercolors, two paintbrushes, three stampers, one ink pad, three foam stickers, eight crayons, a sticker tube with handle, and six sticker sheets. The activity books contain coloring pages with fill-in activities and punch-out characters featuring all your favorite characters. Over 1,000 stickers are included!

Star Wars Science Millennium Falcon $16

Create glowing, phosphorescent Star Wars images before they magically disappear! Release UV light to charge and create a glowing battle scene or drawing. Shoot UV light blasts at Imperial Ships using the Millennium Falcon Light Blaster with realistic sound effects!

Star Wars Science Death Star Planetarium $13

Take a journey into a galaxy far, far away, as you explore the Star Wars galaxy like never before! Project the Star Wars galaxy on your walls and then project Earth's night sky. Watch as your darkened room is transformed into an amazing planetarium.

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Pillow Pet Rainbow Dog Glow Pet $10

This multi-colored character can be used as a comfy stuffed friend. This dog toy can be used by your child every single night to rest their head on. It's suitable for sleepovers, movie nights and nap times. These As Seen on TV glow pets can be taken just about anywhere because they are lightweight and compact.

FliteByNite "Lumi-Niter" Glow In The Dark Flying Disc $11

Lumi-Niter® Discs - Illuminate the night sky with this glowing light-up disc. The translucent disc made of polyethylene can be used practically anywhere - day or night! The glow sticks attached to the bottom of the disc provides hours of fun and entertainment for people of all ages. Glow sticks are interchangeable, allowing you to create your favorite glowing patterns.

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Tom Baker Action Figure $9

The Fourth Doctor masked his brilliant and inventive mind behind a facade of bohemian eccentricity. The longest lived incarnation of the Doctors so far, he was forced to change his body after losing a fight with his old enemy the Master and falling from a radio telescope to the ground beneath him.

Wishpets Furry Tiger Slippers $12

These furry animal slippers are whimsical warm-ups! Put these on your paws! They're fuzzy and fleecy to fight frigid freeze on floors, so your feet won't feel like frosty fudgesicles! Order yours, and you'll feel comfortable as you draw attention! Features Paw-protectors, and non-slip soles. With its thick-padded footbed cushions, each step is like walking on pillows!

Backyard Safari Critter Jar $14

Backyard Safari Critter Jar is a light show for bugs! This jar features 5 specially designed light patterns that blink and flash to attract all kinds of nighttime critters, including fireflies and lots of other nocturnal bugs. Push the signal on top of the jar to mimic the sound of crickets. The sculpted interior gives bugs lots of room for climbing and roaming about.

Super Scrabble, Super-Sized Version of the Word Game $20

Super Scrabble features the same rules and strategies you’re familiar with, but offers a larger game board (with 441 playable spaces instead of 225), more bonus spaces (125 compared to 61), more tiles (200 compared to 100), and a brand new quadruple word score option. With all these extra features, Super Scrabble allows for super long words and super-sized scores.

American Plastic Toys Sand Table $31

Let your kids play with sand in this sturdy table with cover. Every American Plastic Toys product is tested by at least one independent US safety-testing lab. We assemble 100% of the toys in our product line in the United States. The colorant molded in all of our products is purchased domestically and is FDA approved for use in food packaging. None of our products are painted or include phthalates.

Classic 36-inch Beach Ball $5

Be ready for fun in the sun with this 36" round classic beach ball from Swimline. Its durable exterior will make sure that once the fun begins it doesn't end. This beach ball is equipped with an easy flow valve that allows for quick inflation and deflation.

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Delta 25-piece Airport Play Set $26

Check out this cool and large Delta Airlines die-cast and plastic commercial airport play set! This model set comes completely assembled and ready. Perfect for recreating your Delta Airlines flying experience. It's definitely a great gift idea.

Kinetic Sand Kit $22

Made from safe and eco-friendly materials - 99% Glass Sands, 1% food grade beeswax polymer, toner and Vaseline. It has no chemical or oil smells and comes in easy cleaning-up pack.

ALEX Toys' Craft Color a House Children's Kit $26

The ALEX Toys - Craft, Color a House Children's Kit will provide endless hours of coloring, drawing and doodling fun for kids! Children can color their own playhouse with 6 giant, washable twin tip markers. Use the broad brush tip for coloring big areas fast and the finer tip for coloring details. These markers are perfect for cardboard!

Schwinn Boys' 12-Inch Grit Bike $86

The Schwinn 12" Boy's Grit is an ideal bike for the beginner rider. Equipped with a parent push handle that actually steers the bike while the child learns how to steer and pedal. This push handle can be easily removed when the child learns how to ride alone. Comes with wide street tires for stability and for a more comfortable ride. The fully enclosed chain guard keeps the child clean and safe.