20 Smart Ways to Spend Your Loose Change

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37 Ways You’d be Better Off as a Bum

First, apologies for the blatantly provocative title (although I do make good on it). But did you know that some people prefer to be homeless? I know, sounds crazy right? But I was

Making Change Count

I brought a bag filled with quarters to pay for my meal at an Italian restaurant recently. I’ve been taking an informal survey of merchants to see who welcomes my coins. [more]

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A while back I posted the first of what I promised would be "Ten Tenets to Arranging Your Rich". And wouldn't you know it, right after posting Tenet #1, things got

Behind the Times - I learn about Keep the Change

I tend to ignore most promotions that banks send my way. I use Bank of America for my primary checking account, and they often interrupt my online banking log-in to try to sell me on some kind of promotion, and it’s usually crap. [more]