Give Your Career a Boost With One Skill

Let’s get real — the economy isn’t in great shape right now. The unemployment rate is hovering around 8%, and companies like DuPont and Kodak keep announcing more and more layoffs. [more]

Pianos cost too much? Get a synth!

I'm thankful for a delicious cornucopia of experience with music: I grew up on classical piano before moving into electronics, a galaxy — wait, universe of sound at my fingertips! [more]

Buying Shiny New Things Without The Guilt

Around four months ago, I declared I wanted to buy a new computer without spending a cent. Sure, the title was meant to be catchy and a little playful (were you not entertained?), but I had an actual system behind the hype. [more]

The Make You Wanna Holla Presentation

I can't speak coherently and I can't write at all -- let alone stay on topic.   Subsequently, I’m already prepared for the electronic picket signs and the “haterific” rants about selling out, wasting time or "dummy-it’s-called-an-I- [more]

Cut Computer Waste in Half

I’ve owned my desktop PC for a little over 3 years, and most days I’m scared to look into my folders to see what I’ve been hoarding. [more]

Boost your computer's RAM in seconds. Very easy.

This may sound like a tech-heavy article but trust me, it's not. My own technophobic dad could do this one (and he'd better after I tell him). All you need is the good old Notepad accessory and, let's say, about 30 seconds of your time. [more]

Asustek launching budget laptops starting at $199.

You probably already know about the $100 laptop (One Laptop Per Child). [more]

Hack a Mac!

If you're like me, the closest you get to hacking anything is when you are allowed to carve the turkey at Thanksgiving. But lately, I've been inspired to learn how to do all those techy things that my nerdy friends seem so good at. [more]

Free Ways to Keep Big Brother Out of Your Bidness

Cell Phone Madness I just love finding out that the government can find new and unique ways to listen in on our lives. [more]

Best free software packaged in one CD

Software for Starving Students (SSS) is a non-profit organization that takes all the best open source and/or free software that college students might need, and makes them available as one downloadable CD. Each included program is available for free [more]