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How to Get 5-20% Cashback on... Pretty Much Everything

The Discover It Card gives you 5-20% cashback on, well... pretty much everything, thanks to a 200+ list of participating retailers that's just that strong.

Miracle Device Coin Rolls All Your Credit Cards Into One

Coin's like a universal remote for your plastic: a magical device that lets you store and toggle among all your cards, without actually having to carry around any of them.

Now Is the Best Time in Years to Do a Credit Card Balance Transfer

A credit card balance transfer is a good first step toward debt reduction and a sounder financial footing. Here's why you shouldn't wait to use one.

Ask the Readers: When Did You Get Your First Credit Card?

Tell us when you got your first credit card for a chance to win 1 of 3 $20 Amazon gift certificates!

Do You Spend More with Cash or Credit?

I totaled up all my credit card expenses in 2010 to try to figure out if I spent more using credit than I would have with cash. Here's what I found.

5 Strategies To Wipe Out Your Credit Card Balance

I try hard not to carry a credit card balance, but I know a few people who ignore the fact that their balance is building up to unmanageable levels. I personally feel that it's har

How will the new credit card rules affect consumers?

Today a new bill was passed by the U.S. Senate with the intent of restricting abusive practices in the credit card industry. A House bill was passed on May 12th and will be reconc

Chase reverses new maintenance charges

Back in January, I wrote a post about finding a new $10 "maintenance fee" for my Chase credit card -- the one I was never late on and had a transfer balance that guaranteed me a 3.

Is your credit score suffering without your knowledge?

Credit card companies are tricky little jerks during the best of times. But now, with a lousy economic forecast and limited access to funds that can be loaned to consumers, banks a

Your Interest Rates Are About to Go Up

Have good credit? A low APR on your credit cards? Always pay your bills on time? That's not going to stop your credit card company from jacking up your rate whenever they feel like

Six Horrible Financial Products You Should Avoid

Dealing with financial products can be very confusing and stressful, but there are some products that you should absolutely stay away from for the sake of your financial health.

Swipe envy

All the cool kids have credit cards. What if you don't? What if you are so young, so poor, so uncool that you can't get one? Do you have to stoop to paying for your food

Credit Card Rewards Programs

It is a murky world of credit card points, rebates, fees, and interest rates out there. A lot of it comes down to personal choice, but here is some information to aid your pligh

Call Your Credit Card a "Plastic Check"!

Don't look at your credit card as a license to purchase something you can't afford -- just pretend it's a thinner, more swipe-able version of your checkbook.

Credit Card Offers - Now THAT'S Quality

  I recently received a credit card invitation that clearly was put together by a computer or a chimpanzee, or a chimp with a computer. [more]

I'll have one Visa credit card, hold the APR

Why bother with middling details, like the interest rate? Just go ahead and get that card. Bank of America can help! I do most of my banking at Bank of America. I don't adore Bank of America, but they've always been pretty good. [more]

Dear Capital One

Dear Capital One, I think we need to have a talk. My beef with you has been documented here. Readers know that I tried, many a time, to get lower interest rates from you so I could pay down my debt faster. I have a good income. I have good credit. [more]

83rd Carnival of Debt Reduction Webcomics Edition

Welcome fellow taxpayers and Lifehackers to the 83rd Carnival of Debt Reduction! To alleviate some of the tax day gloom, I randomly attached some links to webcomics throughout the posts. Think of them as easter eggs you never knew you wanted. [more]

Telemarketers Prank Call Me - 800-266-9420

Constant calls from 800-266-9420? Fight back.

I've got my eye on you, WaMu

What happens when you try to transfer funds to or from any account having to do with WaMu? Nothing good, apparently (thanks to Consumerist for that link). [more]