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83rd Carnival of Debt Reduction Webcomics Edition

Welcome fellow taxpayers and Lifehackers to the 83rd Carnival of Debt Reduction! To alleviate some of the tax day gloom, I randomly attached some links to webcomics throughout the posts. Think of them as easter eggs you never knew you wanted. [more]

15 to 35% Off Turbo Tax Online is offering its registered visitors 35% off TurboTax online. Registration is free. Just click on the link "visitors" on the bottom left-hand corner. [more]

Telemarketers Prank Call Me - 800-266-9420

Constant calls from 800-266-9420? Fight back.

I've got my eye on you, WaMu

What happens when you try to transfer funds to or from any account having to do with WaMu? Nothing good, apparently (thanks to Consumerist for that link). [more]

I Don't Love Capital One - How to Get a Lower APR, or Possibly Not

I knew there was a reason that I chose capitalone-bites-the-big-one772 as my log in name for my online credit card account. It's because, well, Capital One bites. [more]

Man Tears Up Credit Card Application. Fills It Out. Sends It In. Result: Card Approved!

Go get a shredder immediately. The mad scientist at tried a little experiment: Take a regular credit card application from Chase Mastercard. Tear it up into roughly 16 pieces. [more]