12 Ways a Deep Declutter Can Improve Your Life

Too much stuff getting in your way and getting you down? Part cleaning and part therapy, deep decluttering clears ours heads while it clears out space.

Talking Trash: Is Your Messy Mind the Cause of Your Messy House?

I’ve been messy since birth. One of the constants in my life has been arguing with my mother over how to clean the house, any house, properly. My neatnik mother is one of those naturally tidy people. You know the type. [more]

25 Things to Do Before the New Year

During the December holidays, it can feel super stressful to even THINK about preparing for the new year. Don't worry! Follow this list, and you'll be ready for 2013.

How to Have a Perfect No-Spend Weekend!

We all want to be to make getting out of debt a bigger priority in our lives, but what do you do if you’re not quite ready to make the full commitment (especially around the holidays) or if you’re not quite sure you’ll be able to [more]

8 Cheap Ways to Update a Wardrobe You Hate

If shopping for new clothes is on your brain but not in your budget, check out these totally cheap ways to help you love your wardrobe again.

7 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Get More Done

If you're feeling sluggish and can't seem to get anything done, perhaps it's time to work on your internal store of energy. By reinvigorating yourself, you'll be able to get more things done and have an easier time completing tasks. [more]

Silly Sounding, but Simple: Use Your Stuff

I've written before about how I'm a reformed (or, at least, reforming) pack rat. [more]

11 Unusual Ways to Sell Your Stuff

Don't want to just put your stuff on eBay or have a boring old yard sale? Try one of these uncommon techniques for selling your used items.

7 Reasons Why Self-Storage Is a Really Bad Idea

Self-storage makes it easy to save stuff when you're moving or simply out of space. But just because you can use it doesn't mean you should. Learn why.

Sock It to Me: 15 Uses for Old Socks

Don't send your single socks to the big laundry basket in the sky! Instead, repurpose them with these 15 useful ideas.

6 Great Alternatives to Remodeling Your Home

Thinking about spending thousands of dollars on a remodel? Try these effective alternatives for a fraction of the cost.

The Tyranny of Stuff

"Stuff" can be helpful items, prized possessions, or needless objects that clutter not just our homes, but also our lives. Here's a vote for simplicity.

10 Productivity Hacks From a Work-at-Home Mom

A person who manages to work at home while caring for several children under age 5? Well, that's someone who has a few good time-saving suggestions.

25 Easy Organizing Changes You Can Make Today

You can get organized. (Really.) And you can even do it in small steps. (Seriously.) Start today with one of these 25 quick tasks.

5 Financial Holidays I'd Like to See

There are far too many holidays in this day and age, if you ask me. National Lox and Bagels Day or Turkey Neck Soup Day are little more than reasons to boost the food industry, and they are not something that most of us celebrate with vigor. [more]

How to Sell Your Crap: A Book Review and Tips

Although it’s daunting, selling your extra stuff can also be cathartic and lucrative. Learn how with these tips from Adam Baker's new e-book.

Creating Productive Workspaces

I spent most of my professional life as a freelancer, working from virtually anywhere: at coffee shops, libraries, bars, porches, the outdoors, and my home office. [more]

'Tis the Season for Decluttering: Why and How To Do It

You've been putting it off for months, maybe years. But there is no better time of year to get rid of clutter than right at the end of the year. Here are five reasons why. Time. [more]

How to Downsize and Declutter

These past two years I've been wavering back and forth between continuing to rent versus buying a house. [more]