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10 Ways to Prevent an Emergency From Driving You Into Debt

If you're caught short when life catches you short, don't panic. Instead, try these strategies to manage an emergency and avoid debt.

How to Balance Saving for Retirement, Emergency Fund, and Paying Off Debt

Funding the personal finance Big Three — debt repayment, retirement, and emergency cash — is possible if you follow a balanced plan, like this one.

5 Things 30-Year-Olds Don’t Have Enough Of

While 30-year-olds may be firmly settled in adulthood, that doesn't mean they have their finances in order. If you're close to 30, here's what you need to know.

Is Building an Emergency Fund Always a Good Idea?

We often hear the same advice — everyone needs to have an emergency fund. But, in some situations, it might be OK to skip it.

Becoming Financially Secure: What to Do First

Standard financial advice is full of things to do first — emergency fund, 401(k), paying off debts...but what REALLY comes first?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Emergency Fund

Ask any respected voice in the personal finance community what the number one thing you should do to get your finances in order is, and the chances are very high that they'll say you need to start by developing an emergency fund. For instance, Da [more]

Financial Lessons From "It's A Wonderful Life"

The classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” isn't just a heartwarming holiday classic — it also contains financial lessons that are still relevant today.

A 5-Step Plan to Quitting Your Job

That all-too familiar dread is starting to consume you more and more every day. Sundays have become even more depressing than normal. Lunch hours are a godsend even if you're not eating. It's time for you to get out of there. [more]

Investing 101: 5 Essential Steps

For many people, investing is the toughest part of personal finance. It can be confusing, intimidating, and with the recent recession still vivid in our memories, scary. But it doesn’t have to be. [more]

Get Out of Debt? Why?

I spend a lot of time writing about why debt is bad news. As a result, I’ve actually gotten a lot better at avoiding debt in my own life and paying off any debt I do take on as quickly as possible. I guess I believe in my own advice. [more]

What to Do When You Want to Quit Your Job

Whether you've landed a new job or your current one is awful, follow these steps to ensure that when you leave, you're covered financially and emotionally.

Put Off Saving for Retirement

With this plan, your retirement will be just as secure, and your first few years will be a lot more comfortable.

6 Common Excuses for Not Saving Money

Have you ever settled on a new exercise program, only to get a bad cold a few days in and happily throw yourself on the couch, relieved to have a handy excuse? [more]

How to Thrive in Uncertainty

The economy is still shuddering, but that doesn't mean your finances need to shake in fear. Learn how to stay financially strong in times like these.

8 Tips for Improving or Starting a Budget

Whether your current budget could use some tweaking or you're trying to get your finances sorted out for the first time, these suggestions can help you build a better budget.

How to Create Barriers to Your Savings

All it takes is one weak moment to reach into your checking account or connected savings account and use those funds on something frivolous. That's why it's important to protect your savings from you! [more]

A Crash Course in Offensive Budgeting

I live in a suburb of an ever-expanding, sprawling metropolis and yet I often chose to bike through the arteries of the city. [more]

Contingency Plans

Are you assuming that things will go along pretty much okay? Most people do, and they're usually right. Even when they're wrong, it tends to be okay, because the typical household's finances can absorb the occasional small blow. [more]

Emergency Plan: Better Than an Emergency Fund

This is broader than just an Emergency Fund; it's an Emergency Plan.

How to Deal with Recession Anxiety

The nation’s economic recovery is anemic, with unemployment rates continuing to climb, but this doesn’t mean that your household economy is in trouble. [more]