9 Reasons People Don't Do What They Are Supposed to Do

Ever noticed that people don’t always do what they are supposed to do? Whether you have recently hired new employees for the first time or have lengthy experience in leading teams comprised of full-time, permanent staff plus contract workers, y [more]

3 Ways to Revive Burned Out Employees

It’s easy to miss signs that your employees are getting burned out—especially if the economy has left you battle-fatigued, too. But chances are, there are people on your team who are losing steam, given the increased productivity demanded [more]

Become a Star Employee by Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

If you’re wondering if there’s a way to really make a job recession-proof, there is. Yes, a large part of it depends on your industry and whether or not it’s expanding or shedding jobs. [more]

A Society of Fear

There are people out there whose livelihoods depend on the fact that most people go every day to some job or another. [more]

What's an employee to do? Part 2

The trend toward replacing traditional employees with varying combinations of temps, contractors, outsourcing, and off-shoring is old news now.  That gives us a bit of perspective to look at the situation and come up with some strategies for emp [more]

What's an employee to do? Part 1

During the recession of 1990-1991, and the period of very slow growth that followed, it became conventional wisdom that it was wrong to try to retain key employees through a slowdown.  If there was no work for an employee to do--even just for fifteen [more]

How to hire employees

I worked one place that was much, much better than anyplace else I ever worked. The guy who ran it told me that the secret was in how to hire people. Most managers do it the wrong way: they hire people who can do the work. [more]

7 Simple Rules that Your Work-at-Home Employer Should Follow

Working from home, as a contractor or full-time employee for a legitimate business, seems to be a great way of making money while keeping a flexible schedule with plenty of time for family, friends, fun, and sleep. Or is it? [more]