Why Is "Rich" Often Equated With "Evil"?

I was born in China and it was a place where wealthy people were the public enemy for many decades. The sentiment was spread by the propaganda of the Communist government and res

Dear Capital One

Dear Capital One, I think we need to have a talk. My beef with you has been documented here. Readers know that I tried, many a time, to get lower interest rates from you so I could pay down my debt faster. I have a good income. I have good credit. [more]

Afraid, Yet Smitten - You Haven't Heard of Violent Acres Yet?

So, if you have yet to read the writings of The Terrifyingly Funny Evil Blog Queen V at Violent Acres (and you should have, since handsome single studmuffin Will Chen linked her in his Top 20), then you're in for a real treat/therapy session. [more]