Extra Commentary

Daylight "Saving" Time...What Does It Save, Anyway?

I've always liked long summer evenings, so I look forward to springing forward with daylight saving time every year. [more]

Does it pay to be a jerk?

Ann Coulter recently managed to remind us that she's still around by saying yet another stupid thing. Now, I'm not going to defend or attack Coulter. [more]

iPhone - More features unveiled

I know we've had a lot of chit-chat back and forth over the past month about the iPhone. Well, it looks like those boffins are giving you even more value for money. I particularly like the sideburns. [more]

25 tips from the frugally insane.

You know, saving money is a serious business. Sometimes, too serious. So now and then I like to inject a little fun into the proceedings. Back when I was a little younger, I would ocassionally glance at the magazines my mom would read. [more]

Celebrating Year of the Pig with life-threatening fireworks

This Sunday (2/18) is the Chinese New Year. What better way to celebrate than with some amazing displays of Chinese ingenuity and life-threatening fireworks? [more]

Weird Things You Didn't Know About Valentine's Day

What's the real story behind Valentine's Day? Here are the weird things you didn't know about this expensive holiday.

The Inanity of my Humanity (and why I choose to share it on Wisebread)

  I was researching and writing a "serious" post over the weekend, when I read each of these links. [more]

Sayulita, baby!

The products of a frugal honeymoon, or proof that frugality doesn't have to be boring... [more]

5 people you never heard of who rocked your world

The Alchemists is a film about five people who transformed our culture by convincing us to adopt corporate slogans as a way of life. [more]

Jar of Nothing: the perfect present for the picky prick in your life

We all know someone who is incredibly hard to shop for. You know the type. [more]

How to flush $299 down the toilet (and fish it out again)

In what can only be described as a fusion of insanity and insanity, Aqua One brings you The Fish 'n Flush! (via Tao of Making Money!) That's right. [more]

Can't afford a plasma tv? Be creative!

OK, perhaps this isn't as helpful as our tip on how to turn your LCD monitor into a projection TV, but you've got to admire this guy's vision. [more]

FBI Considered "It's A Wonderful Life" Communist Propaganda

I love "It's a Wonderful Life," but in 1947, the FBI considered this movie subversive Communist propaganda. Naturally, I want to get to the bottom of this.

YOU are Time's Person of the Year

Time magazine's annual Person of the Year award recognizes individuals who have made an impact on the world in the past year. In 2006, that person is you, me and that guy in the corner. [more]