Womanhood microscopic and other hot stock tips

One of my favorite things about getting spam is... wait. Oh, I don't have a favorite thing. Unless you count the creativity involved in coming up with new filters to block spam, there's really nothing about spam that I find positive. [more] - Financial Tips from a Queer Perspective

Queercents is a great blog written by and for the queer community. Founded by Nina Smith, the Queercents site offers tips, anecdotes, and epiphanies about finance, taxes, investing, and more, all from a queer perspective. [more]

Afraid, Yet Smitten - You Haven't Heard of Violent Acres Yet?

So, if you have yet to read the writings of The Terrifyingly Funny Evil Blog Queen V at Violent Acres (and you should have, since handsome single studmuffin Will Chen linked her in his Top 20), then you're in for a real treat/therapy session. [more]