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4 Surprising Places to Find Deals on Health Care

A Groupon for hip replacement? We're not quite there yet, but in the meanwhile, here's how the Internet is changing the health care market.

Don't Fall for These Common Obamacare Scams

Nothing brings out grifters like chaos and confusion. The opening of the Obamacare health insurance exchanges has given them a golden opportunity.

Canada and U.S. Retirement Showdown: Which Offers More for Retirees?

Let’s just say this — in all-out ground war between Canada and the U.S., Canada just can’t compete. [more]

The Types of Health Insurance Plans

Understanding the kinds of health insurance plans isn’t easy. [more]

Open Wide: 5 Ways to Score Discount Dental Care

Most of us dread going to the dentist, but it’s a necessary evil if we don’t want our teeth to fall out of our faces. The dreams I have about that are bad enough. But dental fees without insurance can be costly — and prohibitive. [more]

Healthcare 2.0: Websites to Help You Save on Doctors, Dentists, and More

When I graduated college, there was a period of time that I was without health insurance. [more]

How to Find Free (or Cheap) Health Resources

Free (or cheap) health resources are available if you know where to look. So don't ignore a nagging problem or skip a screening just because you think it's unaffordable. [more]

10 Things You Do to Save Money That End Up Costing You More

Sometimes, what we think we're doing to save money actually costs us a lot more. Make sure you're not making one of these "saving" mistakes.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Homeopathic “Remedies”

Homeopathy is seen by some as a legitimate way to treat illnesses. But is it just a complete waste of money?

Buying Individual Dental Insurance Online: My Experience

My spouse changed jobs earlier this year, and with that came new insurance. [more]

FINANCIAL IQ TEST: How Healthy Is Your Health Care Plan?

Are you maximizing your health care dollars? Do you have the right insurance? And do you know how to protect yourself? Here’s a Financial IQ Test to help you determine how healthy

3 Times to Consider Declining Your Employer's Health Coverage

Open enrollment is right around the corner, and with it comes your opportunity to make decisions that could dictate your medical expenses for an entire year. [more]

Funny Taste Mystery: Using Google for Medical Diagnoses

I have just recovered from a case of pine nut mouth, or at least that's what I'm calling a recent health hiccup. And I have Google to thank for saving me thousands of dollars, coun

5 Places to Check out Medical Care for the Uninsured

With job loss on the rise and many people who can not afford medical insurance on their own, yet don't qualify for state or federal assistance, there are many who will skip medical treatment to save money. [more]

Walgreens Clinics Provide Free Health Care for the (Very) Recently Unemployed

If you’ve found yourself avoiding the doctor because you’re recently laid off and not sure what to do, we’ve got news for you!  Walgreens Take Care clinics are opening their doors “free of charge” to those affected [more]

Protecting Yourself from Medical Billing Mistakes

Even though many of us may take our health for granted, one thing that strikes a chord in everyone is the high price of medical care. [more]

Avoid Big Dental Bills with Safe and Inexpensive Products

Dental care is one of those big expenses that hits us in the pocketbook when we least expect it. Most people pay at least some of their dental bills out-of-pocket. Some people go i

Put Together an Advance Directive in an Afternoon

The Terri Schaivo case was one of the most explosive events to rock the medical world. Sadly, the legal battles over what Terri would have wanted may have been prevented with a living will. [more]