How to Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning Up the Heat

Cranking up the heat in winter sure feels nice...until you get the bill. Here are five ways to stay warm and stay on a budget.

7 Ways To Lower Water Heater Costs

Your water heater can account for 13% of home energy costs. The good news is that there are small, easy tweaks you can make to lower those costs and conserve energy at the same ti

Hold Off On Heating with These 10 Warming Ways

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What if energy costs keep rising?

Recession or not, I think the medium-term trend in energy costs is up.  Just in case I'm right, you ought to have plan for that.

Six Ways to Stay Warm and Reduce the Heating Bill

Last month our heating bill shot up from around $60 to more than $120 and my husband was not pleased. After receiving that bill we had a moratorium on using the heater. [more]

Plan for expensive fuel

Does your budget include a contingency for fuel to get much more expensive? Because it ought to. I learned about the need for contingencies early. [more]

Stay warm without burning a hole in your pocket

As the days get shorter and the wind colder, the heating bill has a way of creeping up. CNN Money offers Six ways to shrink that heating bill. [more]