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Best Money Tips: Cheap and Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

Today we found some great articles on cheap and easy DIY home improvement projects, jobs to satisfy your wander lust, and putting your tax refund to work.

10 Home Renovations That Almost Pay for Themselves

If you'd like to make some home improvements now and recoup those costs when you sell, these are the 10 renovations that earn the best return.

The Top 10 DIY Jobs Homeowners Should Avoid

If you're thinking about tackling a big DIY project, you may want to think again. Screw one of these projects up, and it could ruin your home's value — or worse.

52 Great Weekend Projects to Improve Your Life

From decluttering to volunteering to getting healthy and much more, these 52 projects give you something to work on every weekend of the year.

What to Look for in a Fixer-Upper

If you are willing to put in some time and work, you may be able to save money on your next home purchase by buying a fixer-upper. Here's what to look for.

9 Costly Things New Homeowners Don't Prepare For

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting things in your life...and the most unexpectedly expensive. Discover nine things you should budget for.

Beyond the Mouth: 14 Uses for Dental Floss

It’s a common staple in a bathroom cabinet, well-stocked purse, or occasionally the center console of a very hygienic person’s automobile. [more]

Screwdrivers to Saws: Stocking Your First Toolbox

A trip to the home improvement store can overwhelm when you're trying to buy your first set of tools. Before you shop, read this guide.

10 Frugal Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

This winter, stay warm and toasty on the cheap with these fast, frugal, and easy ways to winterize your home.

Upgrade Your Home Decor for Less

On our road to a life of frugality, there are many things we tend to ignore and go without in order to keep making ends meet. One area that we often neglect in order to keep the bills paid and food on the table is the interior of our homes. [more]

Home Improvements That Pay Off

As a homeowner, I'm often mulling over various improvement projects. A key consideration for many people who want to spruce up their homes, but think they may be moving in the foreseeable future, is what the payback is on particular upgrades. [more]

Energy Efficient Mortgages: Borrowing More to Save

As deep, dreary winter sets in, bone-rattling cold is whistling into the cracks and crevices of homes across the country.  We've been taping sheets of plastic to the windows in our Midwestern abode. [more]

How to Really Save Money When You Shop

I assume we all sometimes feel the urge to mock people who think that they "saved money" when they bought something at a discount. [more]

Top 5 Online Resources for the Design Impaired

If the pages of home design magazines leave you drooling — and frustrated about your own lack of skill — there’s no need to give up on your dreams of having a chic, modern, or even award-winning look to your home. [more]

7 DIY Tips to Winterize Your Home for Cheap

Winterizing your home doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are 7 DIY tips to winterize your home for almost nothing in an afternoon.

How to Winterize Your Home for Maximum Savings

The heat of summer is fading fast and fall temps may be prompting some around the country to start turning up the thermostat. [more]

Organize a Room for $10 with No Extra Effort

Organization is the bane of many families' existence. Most busy families do not have the time or the energy to constantly battle household clutter because with each new day, there is more. [more]

DIY Home Improvement: 10 Free Options for Training and Advice

Just over a year ago my spouse and I bought our first home — a foreclosure. [more]

Top 10 "Unusual" Uses For Duct Tape

From wallets to emergency sunglasses and even boats, duct tape really can fix (or make) almost anything.

Super-Cheap Building Supplies and a Way to Help Your Community!

I’ll admit that my family is the “cobbling” kind of people. Our depression-era farm house was slapped together in a sturdy, but irregular fashion. [more]