identity theft

The scams and cons that could clean you out.

Last time I gave you advice from the Real Hustle team, it was how to grab a few free drinks. A bit of harmless fun. This time, it’s much more serious. [more]

How To Get Mugged

Awesome, 10:45 and there's still one parking spot only a few buildings from mine. I do the parallel parking bit, grab my purse, lock the car, and start the quick walk to my apartment building. [more]

Man Tears Up Credit Card Application. Fills It Out. Sends It In. Result: Card Approved!

Go get a shredder immediately. The mad scientist at tried a little experiment: Take a regular credit card application from Chase Mastercard. Tear it up into roughly 16 pieces. [more]

UCLA security breach affects 800,000 people (not just students)

LA Times reported this morning that "hackers have gained access to a UCLA database containing personal information on about 800,000 of the university's current and former students, faculty and staff members, among others." The person [more]