Make Money in Your Hometown: Become a Tour Guide

Peer-to-peer travel experiences are emerging all over the Internet, connecting local guides and advisers who want to make some extra money on the side with travelers who want an out-of-the-guidebook experience. And from what I've gleaned, it appear [more]

Best Money Tips: Score Cheap Locally Grown Food

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Making Your Web Presence Both Local and Global

The local flavor of your business is a selling point but you would like to grow your customer base without abandoning area ties or compromising your heritage. [more]

Forget the Phonebook: 3 Local Marketing Initiatives With Higher ROIs

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How to get half-price dining from your local TV station.

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When MySpace Meets your Local Producer: Fresh Food Makes a Tech Leap

MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn are familiar (and often tired) ways to reach out to others with similar interests and goals. So why am I not surprised to see Social Networking hit

Local Currencies

Because the advantages of trade (lower prices) fall into the hands of the person making the decision (the buyer), there's a constant tendency to move toward freer trade, unless there's some sort of institutional pressure in the opposite direc [more]

Trade versus localization

Localization--eating locally grown foods and buying locally produced goods--has become trendy just lately. For the past twenty years, though, globalization has been the dominate force. [more]

Possible Backlash Against Cheap Imports?

Is there a backlash against cheap Chinese imports coming? I, for one, secretly hope so. We've known that it can't last forever, haven't we? [more]