Business Lunch Etiquette 101

Sharing food has long been a way of building alliances in every culture. In modern society, business lunches can be very important to your success. You might invite a customer for lunch to seal a deal for a big order. [more]

How to Ditch the Informational Meeting

In Read This Before Our Next Meeting from The Domino Project, author Al Pittampalli recommends ending what he calls the informational meeting in favor of the “Modern Meeting.” In the meeting and organizational culture that he envisions, & [more]

5 Great Money-Saving Meeting Ideas

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5 Tips for Remembering Names

My husband has always said that I am great at remembering many details about the people we meet. One of the most important and basic things you should remember about someone new is his or her name. [more]

Simple Ways to Save on Catering Costs

A catered meal I once had at a charity cycling event, served by pleasant and helpful staff, made a big impression on me. [more]

7 Things I'd Love to Change About Meetings

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