Frugal Super Bowl Party Ideas

As with most years, the upcoming big game sends consumers frantically dashing to the store to stock up on paper supplies, good eats, and spirits to indulge in. [more]

Frugal Fourth of July Party Ideas

Independence Day is almost here! This year, celebrate America's birthday with these frugal-minded party ideas.

The Best Frugal Office Party Foods

Some do it to observe birthdays, others to celebrate weddings, and still others, just to mark the fact that they’ve made it to another Friday. Office food days are pretty much a fact of life if you work, well, anywhere. [more]

Managing a Holiday Potluck: How to Keep Things Under Control

Thanksgiving, for my circle of friends, is at my house every year. A few friends and I start cooking early in the day, handling the big stuff, like the turkey and the mountain of mashed potatoes. [more]